Harry Potter: Which Wand Will Choose You Based On Your MBTI

The biggest thing every Harry Potter fan wants to know (besides their House, of course) is what wand they would be chosen for. After all, the wand selects the owner, no? Wand compatibility is a serious consideration when it comes to figuring out which magical instrument a witch or wizard will be waving around and the deciding factor is, of course, a student’s personality.

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This, in combination with the future they’ve been fated for, will lead them down a decisive path as far as wand material and core structure. There are many combinations for wands but for the sake of not penning a wand textbook, we’ve chosen ten popular options for those of us who just need to have answers.

10 INFJ: Pine Wand With A Phoenix Feather Core

An INFJ is one of the rarest personality types which is why it makes sense that they would be paired with a Pinewood wand. While this material is not the least popular, it does stand by an owner who is seen as somewhat mysterious and a true loner. Not always by choice, an INFJ will often find themselves needing time away from other people. Their nature as empaths allows them insight and observation into things that many don’t see initially, leaving them often open and vulnerable. It can be draining, and this is something a Pinewood wand will understand. Matched with a Phoenix Feather core, this wand will be truly unique as well as understatedly powerful.

9 INFP: Alder Wand With A Unicorn Hair Core

An Alder wand (certainly not to be confused with Elder) is a true match for INFPs, who are often referred to as the ‘Mediators’. A wand made of this wood will lend it to someone who has a genuine and open heart, always willing to come to the aid of others. It’s in that attribute that the Alder wood wand will reveal its true power for altruistic purposes. Its owner will undoubtedly be well-liked and among good company, should their personality shine true to that of an INFP. A Unicorn hair core will keep the wand attached to one owner, unmoving in its use by any other witch or wizard.

8 ENTJ: Ash Wand With A Dragon Heartstring Core

As far as bold personalities go, an ENTJ is among the strongest in terms of willpower. It’s because of this that they’ll need a wand to match their outstanding strength, thus an Ash wand is born. IT is said that these wands should never be given to another because they’ll be prone to losing all strength and magic if done so. While the witch or wizard who possesses this wand might be a tad (or quite a bit) stubborn, they will be strong-hearted and bold in their moral journey. Their bravery stops just short of arrogant, which is exactly why an Ash wand will serve them well. A Dragon Heartstring core will only emphasize its power, albeit somewhat temperamental at times.

7 ENTP: Aspen Wand With A Unicorn Hair

An Aspen wand is known for being somewhat of a master when it comes to dueling, something an ENTP is also quite the professional at. This wand was once notorious with a dueling club called the Silver Spears, to which these wands were specific. They’re crafted to excel at all things martial arts, at least as far as magic is concerned. With that being said, the most stable of Aspen wands will likely have a Unicorn hair core, as it provides the most stability when it comes to casting. This is one of the few wands that will match both the wit and intellect of an ENTP.

6 ESFJ: Beechwood Wand With A Unicorn Hair Core

An ESFJ requires a wand which will understand their social and compassionate nature and, luckily, Beechwood might just do the trick. These wands can be fickle and will not offer their full power to those who do not have an open mind and walk around judging which, fortunately, and ESFJ is incapable of doing.

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These personality types are highly social and always willing to help out a friend, but also take the time to understand and help those they love. A Beechwood wand will respond appropriately, allowing a young witch or wizard to gain both wisdom and experience during each use.

5 ISFJ: Mahogany Wand With A Dragon Heartstring Core

The ‘Defender’ of the personality types, a Mahogany wood wand is undoubtedly the perfect match for this witch or wizard. This type of wand was also possessed by James Potter who, as all Potter fans know, put his life on the line for his family. This type of protective instinct is something that a Mahogany wand will pick up on and perform well with. The wand itself possesses great strength and practicality in battle, which allows the wand-wielder to cast with ease. Both the wand and its owner will bond over a protective nature and ability to defend those closest to them.

4 ISFP: Black Walnut Wand With A Unicorn Hair Core

While not the easiest wand to adapt to, it will likely be far easier for those of the ISFP personality. Charmers by nature, this wand will connect well with an owner who is confident, yet adventurous and genuine. Once the connection has been made, a Black Walnut wand will become one of the most awe-inspiring, able to dazzle others through its unparalleled charm magic. Its consistency, due to a Unicorn hair core, will make for both a reliable weapon and a worthy reward to the right witch or wizard. This is quite a lucky pairing, indeed.

3 ENFJ: Cypress Wand With A Dragon Heartstring Core

ENFJs are considered the ‘Protagonists’ and this term is highly suitable for them. Always putting the greater cause before their own needs, anyone possessing this personality type is likely to be fearless in the face of adversity. Similarly, a Cypress wand is reflective of that, albeit bringing with it somewhat of a tragic fate. While the wand itself is well-matched to those of an extremely heroic nature, it’s also said that these wands are prone to owners who are fated to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Though it’s a risk, this type of fate could not be more parallel to the attributes true ENFJs display.

2 ESFP: Dogwood Wand With A Dragon Heartstring Core

Dogwood wands are interesting simply because they’re so unusual. Because of this, they must obviously be paired with quite the unusual character, which is usually an ESFP. Known as the ‘Entertainers’ of the group, and ESFP will demonstrate a passion for all things artistic as well as for being the life of the party. Their energy is unparalleled and it’s this trait that a Dogwood wand will be attracted to. This wand is a bit tricky, as it will not perform any spell that’s not spoken out loud… but that shouldn’t be an issue for the vocal ESFP. Although a Dragon Heartstring core can be slightly unpredictable, an ESFP will take this quirk in stride.

1 INTP: Walnut Wand With A Unicorn Hair Core

INTPs are known thinkers, qualifying with a list of innovative thoughts and inventions that seem incomprehensible to the average person. This is yet another flawless pairing; Walnut wands are known for their owners being famed inventors and will only function to their fullest capacity with that of a high level of intelligence. This is not in any way to state that all others are inferior, but in terms of magic, a wand will only operate with those they deem worthy. Once a connection between wand and owner is made, nothing short of greatness can be expected from the pair.

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