Kingdom Hearts: The 5 Best Keyblades (& The 5 Worst)

For nearly two decades, Kingdom Hearts has been recognized as one of the most popular video game franchises in the world. In every game, the protagonist, usually Sora, wields the legendary weapon known as the Keyblade. In every game of the series, players can unlock new forms for the Keyblade after completing stages and events or acquiring certain items. Each one has its own unique appearance and ability.

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While there are a ton of fan-favorite Keyblades in the franchise, there are also those that fail to meet expectations. Here is a list of the 5 best, and 5 worst, Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

10 Worst: Kingdom Key

The Kingdom Key has long been associated as the basic starter weapon in the franchise. In the first two games, it has had little to offer in terms of physical and magical ability.

The introduction of the Formchange in Kingdom Hearts 3 gives the Kingdom Key new abilities to use in battle. Players also have the option to upgrade the Kingdom Key using materials. Even so, it is still lacking when compared to other weapons in the game. It is no question that it is the most iconic Keyblade in the franchise. Nostalgia aside, it is easily overshadowed by other more versatile Keyblades.

9 Best: Ever After

The Ever After Keyblade appears in Kingdom Hearts 3 and is unlocked after completing the Kingdom of Corona stage. While lacking in strength, Ever After is a fearsome weapon when it comes to its magic stats. Thanks to its Formchange Mirage Staff, Sora can glide across the battlefield, creating multiple afterimages and then unleashing a barrage of magical attacks onto his enemies. Mirage Staff’s finisher is especially well suited for wiping out large groups.

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This weapon also has the ability Leaf Bracer, which prevents interruption when casting Cure. This makes it a useful weapon to have on hand, especially when facing bosses.

8 Worst: Shooting Star

This original weapon makes its grand debut in Kingdom Hearts 3. Much like the Kingdom Key, this Keyblade is acquired early in the game. Although stronger than the Kingdom Key, the Shooting Star is still one of the weaker weapons in the game.

An upside to this weapon is that it has two Formchanges: Double Arrowguns and Magic Launcher.  While using Double Arrow Guns, Sora can attack enemies from a distance while also gliding across the battlefield. While amazing to behold, Shooting Star is just basically a much weaker version of the Ever After Keyblade.

7 Best: Oathkeeper and Oblivion

It is not easy deciding which of these two Keyblades is better than the other. Oathkeeper possesses a nice balance between strength and magic, while Oblivion possesses more strength at the cost of magic. Thankfully, under the right conditions, it is possible for Roxas and Sora to use them both simultaneously.

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In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Roxas can wield both weapons after unlocking his Sync Blade ability. Sora can use both weapons in Kingdom Hearts II as well after unlocking his final drive form. In any case, whether together or apart, Oathkeeper and Oblivion are two of the most popular Keyblades in the franchise.

6 Worst: Sweetstack

Sweetstack is a Keyblade unique to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It can be obtained after making every ice cream flavor in the game. Sweetstack possesses stats of 6 strength and 4 magic. However, its best feature is that it guarantees a critical hit with every attack.

Unfortunately, Sweetstack’s stats and high critical hit rate are overshadowed by its terrible design. Not to mention that, by the time players unlock it, they will have already found a Keyblade with much better stats. It can be frustrating knowing that such a powerful skill is wasted on such a ridiculous looking weapon.

5 Best: Unbound

Kingdom Hearts: 3D Dream Drop Distance features a variety of unique Keyblades both in terms of ability and design. When it comes to the best weapon in the game, look no further than the Unbound. Literally described as “Keyblade Perfection” in the game, the Unbound possesses the highest strength stat, surpassing even the Ultima Weapon.

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It also has an equal probability of landing critical hits and is more likely to achieve reality shifts. Ultima Weapon only surpasses it in terms of magic, but not by much. This Keyblade can be unlocked by clearing all secret portals in the game.

4 Worst: Umbrella

While technically a weapon, the Umbrella is not an actual Keyblade. Appearing in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, this unusual weapon can be wielded by either Roxas or Xion once they are equipped with the Casual Gear item. In fact, it is one of many joke weapons available in the game such as Axel’s Pizza or Xigbar’s Hair Dryers.

As a joke weapon, the Umbrella is not meant to be taken seriously as a weapon. Overall, it is pretty much useless in combat. Even if it can be upgraded, it’s not really worth it. If anything, the only real purpose of the Umbrella is to earn a chuckle or two from players.

3 Best: The X-Blade

This legendary weapon was first introduced as an imperfect version in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. It is the original source through which all other Keyblades are derived and is sought after by Xehanort and his allies.

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It eventually makes its official appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3 when Xehanort finally forges it to gain access to Kingdom Hearts. Unfortunately, players do not have the option of wielding such a powerful weapon. Instead, it is usually the weapon of choice in boss fights involving Vanitas in Birth by Sleep and Xehanort in the final battle of Kingdom Hearts 3. Even though players can’t use it, it still deserves a spot on this list due to its impact on the franchise.

2 Worst: Sweet Memories

If you thought the Umbrella was a poor choice of weapon, then think again. When it comes to the weakest Keyblade form, look no further than Sweet Memories. In Kingdom Hearts II, the player will receive it after completing the side quest in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Overall, it is useless in combat, possessing zero strength and magic stats. It is more suited towards gathering items due to its ability Lucky Lucky, which increases item drop rates. Even though it gains the Drive Converter ability and a slight boost to its magic stats in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, it is still a weak weapon.

1 Best: Ultima Weapon

The Ultima Weapon is widely regarded as the most powerful weapon in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Although the method varies depending on the game, the player usually obtains it by crafting it using rare materials. It takes quite a bit of effort on behalf of players to find all the necessary ingredients, but it is worth the effort.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Ultima Weapon’s strength and magic stats reach a level of 13 and possesses a Formchange known as Ultimate Form. In this state, Sora receives a massive power boost and gains seven floating blades, as well as the ability to teleport and recover his magic at a faster rate.

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