Siteground. Our recommended Web Hosts.
Screenshot of my server uptime for a year. Great, isn't it?

Siteground. Our recommended Web Hosts.

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Finding a hosting provider for your web-based business can be a minefield. I know this, because after I taught myself how to code and create websites, I had to find a host, and it wasn’t easy. So much choice, so many different prices. So how do you choose? Here’s what I did.

Decide what you need.

When I started out, I was completely inexperienced. I was in the process of finishing my first site ( and I needed somewhere to put it. I didn’t really know what I needed at that stage, but it seemed important to have good customer service. After all, who’s going to help clean up all those rookie mistakes?

It also seemed important that whichever company I chose should have a server in my home country. And obviously, price was a factor.

Read, Read, Read.

When you’ve decided what is important to you from your host, you’ll need to read. I made comparison lists as I went along. If it didn’t have a UK server, it didn’t go on the list. If the customer service was getting slammed by actual customers, that got left off too. Too expensive? TTFN.

This process really helped to narrow down the…


You know what you want. You’ve read what different hosts can offer. If you’ve been writing it down, you should now have a shortlist. Mine had three different choices. And when it came down to it, Siteground wasn’t the cheapest of the three. But the reviews were outstanding. On every independent site I checked, I couldn’t find a bad word about Siteground’s customer service. And being a total noob, that swung it for me. I knew I’d need help, and it seemed like I’d get it from Siteground.

Web Hosting


Why I stuck with Siteground

That was three years ago. From day one, the service has been excellent. Every time I’ve had an issue, they’ve sorted it out almost immediately. As I write this, they’re looking into a mail server issue I’m having. Ticket response time is phenomenal. Live chat is always outstanding. The team of experts at Siteground really know their stuff. I’ve never been fobbed off, or dismissed.

And if you contact them with a dumb rookie mistake (like not noticing your image file extensions are in uppercase when they should be in lower case. Yes, it happened), they even help with that.

On top of looking after their customers, Siteground also look after their sites for them. Security is excellent. Uptime is also amazing. Since I renewed my plan in June 2018, my sites haven’t been down once. At all. Not even for a second. How good is that?

Screenshot of my server uptime for a year. Great, isn’t it?


Now I’m an affiliate. I promote Siteground because I use them, and I find the service to be excellent. Yes, I’ll get a little kickback if you sign up. But in return, you’ll get trouble free hosting. Pretty good deal, I’d say.

If you’re looking for a new web host, these are the guys I’d recommend. Take a look at the hosting plans, sign up, and enjoy trouble-free web hosting. Any of the banners or highlighted text on this page will take you straight to the Siteground hosting plans page. Give ’em a click. You won’t be disappointed.

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