The Brooding Muse – New Horror Webcomic

The Brooding Muse – New Horror Webcomic

Brooding Muse Announces Premier of Monthly Old School Horror Webcomic Illustrated by Nik Poliwko & Earl Geier

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Last week I got an email from Jen and Patrick at, asking if I’d be interested in sharing their latest venture. I took a look at their site, then got right back in touch with them to let them know I’d be delighted to share their work.

The Brooding Muse is an Old-School, Black and White Horror Webcomic, and you can currently check out the Prologue on their site. Alongside the cool comics, Brooding Muse also have a large range of merchandise that compliments the comic, and helps support the guys moving forwards. Personally, I’d be seriously tempted by the skate gear they have on offer, if I wasn’t an old guy with creaky knees.

Anyway, I think they’re great, and I wish them every success, but enough from me. I’ll let them take it from here.

Brooding Muse Press Release:

Old school horror is alive and well. Brooding Muse is a compelling new webcomic fusing classic themes, remarkable work from two very-skilled artists and a compelling storyline that would make H.P. Lovecraft proud.

Fans of black and white classic horror comics have a good reason to be happy. New webcomic Brooding Muse celebrates the genre to the fullest recently releasing their 8-page prologue backed by an online store featuring a diverse selection of Brooding Muse merchandise. Featuring the illustrations of Nik Poliwko and Earl Geier and a scary but appropriate for all ages plot, the webcomic has been greeted by comic enthusiasts with open arms.

We wanted to do something as a family,” commented Patrick co-creator of the Brooding Muse world with his wife Jen. “Everyone knows it is important to do things you enjoy, so for us to be able to do this comic and develop our merchandise with the help and influence of the people we love most has been a great experience. This teamwork has resulted in a storyline that contains elements that all ages can connect with and merchandise that appeals to all ages. We hope our fans out there enjoy it as much as we did making it.”

Some highlights of merchandise currently available from Brooding Muse include head-turning t-shirts, hats, and even skateboard decks. Expect more items to be added as the project grows.

The early feedback for Brooding Muse has been extremely positive.

John S., from California, recently said in a five-star review, “I really love horror comics and Brooding Muse has me totally hooked with their prologue. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I just ordered a t-shirt to show support!”


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