X-Men TV Series The Gifted Canceled by FOX After Season 2

The X-Men television series The Gifted has been canceled by Fox after season 2. The Gifted follows the lives of a suburban couple who suddenly must face the fact that their children possess Mutant powers. Although the series does share a connection with the X-Men movies, it occurs in an alternate timeline where the X-Men have all but disappeared.

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The first season of The Gifted sees the family join an underground community of other Mutants who have gathered together to survive. However, at the end of that season, several of those Mutants leave the original community to form the Inner Circle, with the second season focused on the two groups conflicting with each other. Fox initially greenlit the series in 2017 following a successful pilot created by Matt Nix and directed by Bryan Singer. A few weeks later, Fox released the first full trailer for The Gifted, which explained the series’ premise, as well as introduced the two teenagers of the family, one who discovers his powers after being attacked by bullies, the other having already been aware of her powers, which she keeps hidden from her parents. A second season of The Gifted recently aired.

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Unfortunately, though, The Gifted has come to the end of its run, at least on Fox. Deadline reports that Fox decided to cancel the show. Although well-received by critics, Fox pulled the plug after the series failed to meet linear ratings goals, despite its Live+7 numbers being generally good. This decision was also probably affected by the fact that Fox no longer owns the show: The Gifted is officially now the property of Disney, thanks to that company’s recent deal to acquire certain 21st Century Fox film and TV assets.

Disney’s deal with Fox, as well as its plan to launch its own subscription service later this year have meant a lot of upheaval for Marvel shows on TV. Netflix decided to drop all of its Marvel TV shows after Disney+ was announced, leaving fans of Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil heartbroken. However, other shows, such as Cloak & Dagger, which airs on the Disney-owned Freeform, and Runaways, which streams on Disney-controlled Hulu, continue to have bright futures.

With Disney now owning The Gifted though, this could mean that the company could revive it on its Disney+ streaming subscription service, which launches in November. Although Deadline reports that there are currently no conversations about this as of yet, it’s still within the realm of possibility. So fans of The Gifted should not give up hope just yet.

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Source: Deadline


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