New World of Warcraft Classic Beta Build Might Mean It’s Playable Soon

World of Warcraft Classic has been on the horizon for some time now and fans of Vanilla WoW have been eagerly anticipating this version of the game for the past two years since its announcement. Now, a new WoW Classic beta build is apparently in the works, which could spell big news for when the community will be able to get its hot little hands on the title.

The highly-anticipated WoW Classic has had players talking for a number of reasons; it’s looking to bring back most of the charm of nostalgia, even going as far as to replicate certain Vanilla WoW bugs to drive the point home. Players have already been privy to a demo which afforded them limited time with the game, so the possibility of a WoW Classic beta build is definitely an exciting prospect for the franchise’s fanbase.

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WCCF Tech has now reported that on the presence of said WoW Classic beta build which is getting fans’ hopes up. It looks like this beta build has just shown up on Blizzard’s vendor content delivery network, which could mean that we don’t have long to wait until an official beta is available to players. The presence of the build on the content delivery network likely means that it’s being prepared for rollout, and this could very well spell out yet another demo weekend in the near future at the very least.

wow classic beta build

Considering that the last time the WoW community had the chance to try out this iteration of the MMORPG was in November 2018, we’re about overdue for another look at the Azeroth of days gone. The presence of this WoW Classic beta build at this time of the year does spell some hope for those who were hoping that the title would be sticking to its original projected release date of Summer 2019. While there was no exact release date outside of that timeframe being bandied around by Blizzard, opening up a beta to the community would definitely be a sign that things were on track with WoW Classic.

With the latest Battle for Azeroth patch just hitting the PTR with some major changes in mind, as well as a potential Pokemon Go-style mobile game on the way, it’s shaping up to be a rather busy year for one of Blizzard’s most enduring franchises. There’s been a bit of a lull in terms of updates when it comes to WoW Classic in general until this business with the beta build which the company has yet to actually comment on. We have our fingers crossed that this will prompt Blizzard to generate a little more hype leading up to WoW Classic‘s launch, and an open beta would honestly be one of the best ways to do it.

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Source: WCCF Tech

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