New Fear The Walking Dead Images Hint at Action-Packed Season 5

A series of Fear the Walking Dead season 5 photos released by AMC hint that the forthcoming season of the show is set to be action-packed, exciting and just a tad gory. The new images arrive just a few weeks ahead of Fear the Walking Dead’s highly anticipated season 5 premiere on Sunday June 2 when the apocalypse spin-off show will return and fill the zombie-shaped void left in fans’ lives after the conclusion of season 9 of its parent show, The Walking Dead.

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead was hailed by many critics and fans as the best season of the show yet and it left viewers clamoring for more. It was certainly a season full of major changes and shake-ups. New showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg (of Once Upon a Time fame) were brought aboard and there was a huge two-year time-jump. Fans also said goodbye to major characters like Madison (Kim Dickens) – basically the Rick Grimes of Fear the Walking Dead – and her son Nick (Frank Dillane), who had been part of the show since it first aired back in 2015. To offset those departures, a slew of new characters were introduced including Althea (Maggie Grace), John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt), June (Jenna Elfman) and Walking Dead crossover character Morgan Jones (Lennie James).

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With the release of the new images of Fear the Walking Dead season 5 courtesy of AMC, it looks like fans are in for another action-packed season. The images released depict the season 5 cast in various states of action including long-standing characters Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Luciana Galvez (Danay García) and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) alongside season 4 newcomers like Morgan, June and John Dorie. There’s also a rather gruesome looking walker impaled on a tree stump and a sneak peek of some new faces first introduced in the recently released Fear the Walking Dead season 5 trailer including dreadlocked whippersnapper Annie (Bailey Gavulic) and two other young newcomers Max (Ethan Suess) and Dylan (Cooper Dodson) – the latter of whom is the brother of Major Dodson (The Walking Dead’s Sam Anderson). See the images below.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones in Fear the Walking Dead
Maggie Grace as Althea and Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark in Fear the Walking Dead
Colman Domingo as Victor Strand and Alexa Nisenson as Charlie in Fear the Walking Dead
A Walker in Fear the Walking Dead Season 5
Danay Garcia as Luciana in Fear the Walking Dead
Bailey Gavulic as Annie in Fear the Walking Dead
Cooper Dodson as Dylan and Ethan Suess as Max in Fear the Walking Dead
Daryl Mitchell as Wendell and Mo Collins as Sarah in Fear the Walking Dead
Jenna Elfman as June and Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie in Fear the Walking Dead
Maggie Grace as Althea Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie Jenna Elfman as June and Danay Garcia as Lucia

The official synopsis for the forthcoming season of Fear the Walking Dead suggests those characters will be facing plenty of challenges in the not too distant future, too:

“In Fear the Walking Dead, season 5, the group’s mission is clear: locate survivors and help make what’s left of the world a slightly better place. With dogged determination, Morgan Jones (Lennie James) leads the group with a philosophy rooted in benevolence, community and hope. Each character believes that helping others will allow them to make up for the wrongs of their pasts. But trust won’t be easily earned. Their mission of helping others will be put to the ultimate test when our group finds themselves in unchartered territory, one which will force them to face not just their pasts but also their fears. It is only through facing those fears that the group will discover an entirely new way to live, one that will leave them forever changed.”

With the arrival of another crossover character in the form of Austin Amelio’s former Saviour Dwight alongside the recent news that the new season will continue a storyline from The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead season 5 looks set to be a great one.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 5 premieres Sunday June 2 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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