Overwatch: The Top 10 Best Doomfist Skins, Ranked

If you like playing as Doomfist in Overwatchyou must have a real appreciation for close-range combat. Doomfist deals a ton of damage to opponents within his reach, but his range is extremely limited. Any Overwatch player worth their salt knows to get Doomfist up close and personal with his enemies before unleashing his abilities.

If you’re going to get up in another player’s grill before you rocket punch them into the wall, you might as well look good while doing it. You wouldn’t want the last thing they see to be a poorly accessorized Doomfist. Read on if you want to learn about the best Doomfist skins available for his cosmetic needs.

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10 Epic Leopard Skin

Skins are cosmetic items in Overwatch. They do not add or detract from the overall experience. Well, technically they do add a new look for your character, and what makes a better fashion statement than a Cheetah skin? Oh, wait, excuse us. We meant a “Leopard” skin. Despite Blizzard’s initial misnaming of this skin, the leopard-print skin for Doomfist is one of the best skins you can outfit him with. It costs 250 in-game credits and is an Epic-quality item. When Doomfist lets fly with a wild punch, the leopard print on his cybernetic fist will be a spotted blur to his victims.

9 Legendary Irin Skin

Only Doomfist’s limbs are made of metal and circuitry. The rest of his body looks pretty normal. However, if you possess his Irin skin, his entire body will gain a metallic sheen. With that one skin, you can turn Doomfist into a much more aggressive version of Colossus from X-MenHe even gets a yellow Mohawk to boot. This Legendary skin costs 1000 in-game Credits, but don’t let that deter you from trying to get your hands on it. If other players were not already terrified of seeing Doomfist stomping toward them, they’ll be scared out of their wits when they see the grim, metal visage he sports in his Irin skin.

8 Legendary Caution Skin

Players facing off against Doomfist should be cautious when engaging him in close combat. Why not reinforce that attitude with Doomfist’s Caution skin? This cosmetic item makes Doomfist look like a walking, talking, and punching caution sign. His skin and armor is furnished in a rusty brown and yellow pattern, making him look like an extremely proactive bulldozer.

Costing only 1000 in-game credits, the Caution skin is available for players who want to let their opponents know Doomfist is coming for them. How else are they going to know to run away if he’s not wearing such caution-inducing colors?

7 Legendary Avatar Skin

Before you get ahead of yourself, no, Doomfist’s Avatar skin is not reminiscent of those blue aliens from James Cameron’s AvatarInstead, this 1000-Credit skin causes Doomfist to turn a bright red, with lava-orange accents twirling across his body. The rest of his costume takes on a more dated appearance. Fur-covered shin-guards and a tribal mask lend Doomfist a decidedly prehistoric vibe. However, that expressionless tribal mask is the stuff of nightmares. No one wants to see that blank yet intimidating face flying down at them while Doomfist is performing a meteor strike.

6 Legendary “Archives” Talon Skin

Overwatch Archives is a seasonal event that allows players to engage in some PvE matches instead of the regular PvP. This seasonal event also gives characters new skins to match the more story-driven missions provided in Archives. Doomfist has a 3000-credit skin called Talon. Its origin stems from the fictional Overwatch antagonistic organization of the same name. Doomfist, as the leader of Talon, gets a shiny black suit that seems suited for covert operations. Only his gigantic fist includes some shiny white coloring. If Doomfist was ever going to attempt to be sneaky, the Talon skin is what he would don beforehand.

5 Legendary Blackhand Skin

Blackhand is the name of a character—an orc to be precise—from World of Warcraft. After fans heard that Doomfist was going to be getting himself a Blackhand skin, excitement abounded for the look. While Doomfist’s titular fist looks more golden and bronze than actually black, the scarring of his skin and chained armor make for one great-looking homage to one of Blizzard Entertainment’s best properties. This Legendary skin costs 1000 in-game credits, but the price is worth it for being able to play a Blizzard character wearing another Blizzard character’s outfit.

4 Legendary “Halloween Terror” Swamp Monster Skin

The holidays can bring more than family reunions and large meals to people. They can also bring fantastic Overwatch skins to your doorstep (figuratively speaking). For Halloween, Doomfist gained the Swamp Monster skin, complete with rib gills and a belt made of what looks like seaweed. Fins adorn his head and his forearms to finish up the creepy guise. This holiday skin is a whopping 3000 credits, but the cost is more or less worth the value of running around an Overwatch map as a large monster from the Black Lagoon.

3 Legendary Spirit Skin

Doomfist’s Legendary Spirit skin stands out from some of his other skins thanks to the epic blue glow from his fist whenever he performs one of his abilities. The skin is similar to that of the Avatar skin, but instead of a red coloring over his body, the Spirit skin is blue. The Spirit skin stands out so much more than the Avatar skin in part because the blue is so bright. If you can’t see Doomfist coming at you when he’s a blazing blue behemoth, you probably need your vision checked. The Spirit skin costs 1000 in-game credits. Who knew being blue could be so expensive?

2 Epic “Overwatch League” Skin

What better way to support your favorite Overwatch League (OWL) team and show it than by getting your Doomfist an OWL skin? The OWL skins available for Doomfist cover every team currently in the OWL. You can have Doomfist wear the colors of Atlantic Reign, Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, and more. If there is a team you like, there is a Doomfist skin you can place on him to show your support. It is a slightly meta experience to have Doomfist wear the uniform of a team that plays the video game he is in, but a true fan won’t mind the self-referencing.

1 Legendary “Overwatch Anniversay” Formal Skin

Overwatch Anniversary is more than just a date to celebrate the day on which Overwatch came out. It’s also the chance to get Doomfist’s extremely suave Formal skin. For his Formal skin, he ditches the bulky armor look and instead dons striped black pants, a crisp white suit jacket, and a rose pinned to his lapel. Doomfist is practically the epitome of brutality when it comes to his gameplay mechanics, and his skins usually match that aspect of him. It is a nice change of pace to see such a finely-dressed Doomfist pummeling his opponents like there is no tomorrow.


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