Marvel’s Eternals Movie Casts Train to Busan Actor In Undisclosed Role

Casting on The Eternals continues to heat up with Train to Busan star Ma Dong-seok joining the ensemble. Marvel Studios has seemingly had little trouble turning obscure comic book properties – like the Guardians of the Galaxy – into household names. They are hoping this can happen again with The Eternals. The upcoming Phase 4 entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is based around an ancient group of humans who were experimented on by Celestials and will be directed by The Rider‘s Chloe Zhao.

Even though many are not familiar with the story of The Eternals, interest in the property has continued to rise as the casting process began. It was previously reported that Angelina Jolie was in talks to join the cast, making her the latest A-list star to possibly join the MCU. After potentially getting Jolie on board, it was then shared that Silicon Valley‘s Kumail Nanjiani was in talks to play an unknown role too. There are still several roles that need to be filled, but Marvel appears to have found one more cast member.

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According to The Wrap, Ma Dong-seok has joined the cast of The Eternals in an unknown role. The South Korean star broke out in 2016’s zombie apocalypse action movie Train to Busan, where he shined as a tough but caring husband. He has spent his entire career to this point working on international films, making The Eternals his first American project.

Olympia Eternals Ikaris

Thanks to the amount of characters that will appear in The Eternals, there are a few roles that could fit Ma. One of the biggest such roles would be Druig, who is expected to be the main villain of the film. Ma’s intensity and presence could make him a great choice for this part. He also has a history in training mixed martial artists and has done his fair share of action roles in the past, so Ma’s could possibly even fit the mold for The Forgotten One.

There may not be any hints of who Ma will be playing, but anyone who has seen Train to Busan or any of his other work knows that he is solid selection for The Eternals. Between him, Nanjiani, and Jolie, Marvel Studios is already rounding up an impressive cast for Zhao to work with. The goal has been to assemble a diverse cast for the film as well, which may include the first openly gay Marvel character, and Marvel’s doing just that already. Hopefully this continues to be true as the casting process moves forward, but The Eternals is shaping up nicely early on.

Source: The Wrap

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