Star Wars 9 Finally Addresses The Original Trilogy’s Dumbest Moment

Fans now know that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will confirm Luke’s legacy in one or way another, but the movie’s main villain now looks to be largely Luke’s fault… having survived due to the dumbest part of The Return of the Jedi‘s original ending.

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We’re referring to Emperor Palpatine’s return in Star Wars 9, easily one of the most shocking reveals in the new trilogy. But no matter how Emperor Palpatine survived his death, whether it be in physical form or spiritual, it’s not actually difficult to understand why it went undetected. But once fans realize this massive twist is all based on the original trilogy’s most braindead ending, they may view the franchise’s legendary hero a bit differently.

After all, Luke Skywalker was the one person who should have known the Emperor was always going to return. All he had to do was ask the most obvious question he could have following the death of the last Sith Lords.

Luke Watched The Emperor & Vader Die

Star Wars Emperor and Darth Vader Deaths

Every Star Wars fan can probably remember the final climactic battle beat for beat. The Emperor blasting Luke with Force Lightning, Luke writhing in agony, and Darth Vader looking back and forth, struggling with his internal draw towards both Dark and Light. In the end Vader decided to intervene to save his son’s life, lifting Emperor Palpatine over his head (being bombarded with Force Lightning in the process) and tossing him down an endless shaft. The explosion of blue fire confirming that the great leader of the Empire had perished.

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But his turn towards the light cost Vader his own will to live. Removing his mask and finally reuniting with his son, the audience understood that Anakin Skywalker had resurfaced to discover the good still left in him, which Luke never believed had been completely erased. That was long before the fans knew Anakin’s full story, but it was a fitting end to this fantasy epic. To save his son meant killing his master… but it also meant his death, as well. Poignant, poetic, and as is revealed in later scenes, far more of a literal salvation than even Luke probably realized.

Luke Saw His Father Alive in The Force

Star Wars Original Movie Force Ghosts

The image seems somewhat quaint by today’s standards, and far more of a “happy ending” moment than most modern blockbusters allow. But as the party erupts across the Forest Moon of Endor and every other planet in the Galactic Republic, celebrating the defeat of Palpatine, the destruction of the second Death Star, and the impending collapse of the Empire, Luke witnesses a different victory. Seeing the Force Ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda would be a pleasant enough ending, to know that his mentors had found new life in the Force. But to see his father Anakin Skywalker as the man he should have been… well, Luke wouldn’t be the only one with tears in his eyes.

Of course, once you stop and consider the events that have just transpired… it’s shocking to think that Luke Skywalker could actually be this dumb. But for thirty-five years Star Wars fans have been just as willing to ignore the MASSIVE red flags as Luke. But finally, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker looks to address the ignorance, obliviousness, and reckless stupidity of Luke and, if we’re being honest, the audience, too. Possible SPOILERS ahead.

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