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All Souls games tend to have a few out-of-the-way merchants, and while Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has far fewer NPCs than most, there are quite a few merchants who can be found or triggered to appear during your quest. These shop-keeps stock a few important items which are more-or-less crucial to success – Gourd Seeds, for instance, can be used to upgrade your healing gourd, adding another replenishing heal use to your total stock – as well a few valuable consumables to assist in farming runs and boss battles of attrition.

FromSoftware’s latest action-adventure game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has garnered significant accolades from critics, long-time Souls fans, and even total newcomers to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s games, while also earning cautionary notes for its challenge. Luckily, in the span of time since its release on March 22, the gamer community has been dutifully working to parse out its mysteries and secrets, though practiced reflexes are required to carry players the rest of the way.

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As you make your way through the toughest portions of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, don’t miss out on the below merchants – and take special note of the first one, because it’s possible to remove him from your game entirely if you’re not careful.

Anayama the Peddler

Sekiro Merchant Guide Hirata Estate

The first merchant in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Anayama sells a few important items, as well as some simple gameplay tips for a fee. His most important item for purchase is probably the Phantom Kunai, a tool for upgrading the Shinobi Prosthetic’s Shuriken attachment. You’ll find Anayama’s shop set up at the gate before the one that leads to the Chained Ogre mini-boss — if you arrive at the Ogre and haven’t seen him, simply turn around and look under the gate roof.

Chronologically, when you first find Anayama, he’s not exactly being respectfully merchant-like. When encountered in the flashback memory of Hirata Estate, Anayama is trying to break into a temple to rob it. Speaking with him here will also tip you off to an important treasure hidden in the bamboo forest (incidentally, it’s guarded by a fearsome shinobi who you might not be ready for at this early stage of the game). If, however, you attack and kill him, you’ll lock off the first available merchant in the game, so be careful.

Later on in the game, Anayama’s shop is a good infinite source of the Black Gunpowder and Scrap Iron, though chances are you’ll have a bevvy of these items just from playing through the game up til that point.

Crow’s Bed Memorial Mob

You’ll find a few so-called Memorial Mob merchants in the game, and while this one isn’t exactly a secret merchant, the Crow’s Bed Memorial Mob is very easy to miss. You’ll need to grapple and jump up a few different ledges from the early Gate Path Sculptor’s Idol, not far from the area with the cannon-wielding enemy positioned on the wall.

This merchant sells the Robert’s Firecrackers item which upgrades the Shinobi Prosthetic with a very useful tool, and is also sold by the following merchant on this list. If you manage to find this merchant first, though, you can actually use these firecrackers in the fight against the boss positioned before the gate to Ashina Castle.

Battlefield Memorial Mob

Sekiro Merchant Guide Pot Noble Harunaga

The path to this merchant is unlocked upon defeating mounted boss Gyoubu Oniwa. Head in the direction opposite to the main gate of Ashina Castle and up the stairs on your right (if you pass by this instead, you’ll run into Tengu) to find this memorial mob’s tent tucked in an alcove. The Battlefield Memorial Mob sells Robert’s Firecrackers as mentioned above, and also has a useful Gourd Seed on sale for 1000 sen, which can upgrade your healing uses via Emma back at the Dilapidated Temple.

Pot Noble Harunaga

You’ll find this unassuming pot in a lake in the Hirata Estate memory, near the Dragonspring – Hirata Estate idol. Navigate your way down the cliffs and jump clear into the water, where you should hear him chatting at you near the shore of a small island.

Unlike other merchants, Harunaga only accepts the rare currency of treasure carp scales as payment, but he has a few special and unique items for trade. The Withered Red Gourd is similar to the main healing gourd, but this one only reduces burn status build-up, as well as protects against additional burning status effects for a short period of time. Also, just like the healing gourd, it replenishes automatically when you rest or travel at a Sculptor’s Idol.

Aside from that, Harunaga has the Mask Fragment: Right item, one of three needed to activate a special late-game feature, and a Floating Passage Text which will unlock a weapon skill (of dubious practical use, to be honest, but it looks nice). In the early portion of the game especially, the best first item to purchase with your scales has to be the Withered Red Gourd.

Blackhat Badger

One of Tengu’s hated “rats,” Blackhat Badger has no allegiances to the underlying conflict in the story, and you can first find him hiding in a house with a broken roof just past the Old Grave Sculptor’s Idol; be mindful of the cannon enemies nearby, but they cannot damage you so long as you remain in the house.

Make sure not to attack him (he may look like several other “rat” enemies in the game, but he’s harmless), and you can pick up two important items from his shop; namely, the Anti-Air Deathblow Text skill and the Iron Fortress, a special material which can be used to enable the Shinobi Prosthetic’s umbrella tool.

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