World War Z Game Trailer: A Hacker V The Zombocalypse

There are no places to hide during the zombie apocalypse in World War Z  and people from all walks of life have to take up the call to arms, as even computer hackers prepare to fight the undead.

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The zombie apocalypse has a tendency to catch people off-guard and leave them scrambling for any kind of equipment or weapons in order to survive, but that isn’t true of one of the characters in World War Z. Bunko Tatsumi was a computer hacker before the outbreak and she discovered information about the coming storm before the general public.

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A social outcast, Bunko grew frustrated with the people around her and turned inward, becoming a skilled computer hacker. When searching the Department of Defense’s computer network, she discovered information about the outbreak before it happened. Some people may have gone running to the army or police in this situation, but Bunko decided to use the knowledge to prepare, stashing enough food and weapons to help her survive when the zombies came knocking. She was also able to fill her home with a range of traps in order to slow down the horde, should they make their way past the front door.

Media in the zombie apocalypse genre often focuses on how humanity is the real danger to itself – when the undead rise up and threaten society, that realization is lost on the humans as they turn on one another. Some characters in World War Z already believe their survival is more important than those around them, and Bunko has decided her life has more value than the people who shunned her in the past. These are the kinds of stories and characters that players will encounter in World War Z, where not everything is black and white and where some people will do anything in order to survive.

World War Z is due to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 16, 2019. For more information, visit the official website:

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