Stranger Things Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

If someone were to say they didn’t like Stranger Things, you’d probably think they were from the Upside Down. This Netflix sleeper hit came out of nowhere and positively dominated the pop culture landscape. Maybe it’s a love of ’80s culture; the show’s chock full of it, from its nostalgic soundtrack and cultural throwbacks to its adult stars, like Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine, whose careers took off in the 1980s.

While viewers love a good blast from the past, what really makes people geek out over Stranger Things is its complementary combo of the sci-fi/horror genre blended with its fresh yet relatable coming-of-age subplots. There’s something about characters battling both literal and hormonal monsters that just works.

Another pop culture phenomenon with similar themes would be Harry Potter. Its central characters also experience youthful rites-of-passage while simultaneously trying to ward off magical bad guys who want to kill them. If Mike, Eleven, and friends showed up at Hogwarts, they’d immediately be enlisted in the fight against Voldemort… or upper-year bullies. Whatever comes first. So why not see where the gang from Hawkins, Indiana fits in in the Potterverse? Here are Stranger Things Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses.

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10 Mike Wheeler – Hufflepuff

There are fewer things more valuable in life than having a buddy like Mike Wheeler. Should the badger go extinct, Mike would make a great replacement mascot for Hufflepuff as he wholeheartedly embodies the loyalty that this house values above all else. Who else would literally jump off a cliff in the name of friendship as Mike did when bullies threatened Dustin?

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Mike also shows a Hufflepuff’s compassion and willingness to trust, as demonstrated when he and the boys first encountered Eleven. Whereas Dustin treated her like a magical dog and Lucas saw her as a threat, Mike just saw a scared girl with nowhere to go. He opened his home to Eleven, and later his heart, leading to many “aw shucks” moments.

9 Eleven – Gryffindor

While Eleven may have been traumatized by her stint in Hawkins Lab, she’s definitely no shrinking violet. She’s a quick-tempered Gryffindor through and through. At the drop of a hat, she’ll use her telekinetic powers against anything that ticks her off. Just ask the bully with the broken arm or Hopper’s Eggo-splattered walls.

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New to civilian life, Eleven hasn’t fully grasped human complexity and tends to categorize people as either “friends” or “mouthbreathers”. She possesses Gryffindor-level bravery when it comes to protecting the former as demonstrated when she sacrificed herself to the Upside Down in order to save Mike (and the rest of Hawkins) from the Demogorgon.

8 Jim Hopper – Gryffindor

Jim Hopper was a broken man, haunted by the death of his young daughter. He numbed his pain with booze and women. When Will Byers went missing, the Gryffindor fighter in Chief Hopper woke up. In the blink of an eye, he went from apathetic policeman to rough and tumble, take-no-prisoners hero. Even as a lawman, Hopper wasn’t above breaking the rules. Why waste time getting a piddly little warrant when you can just throw a punch?

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When hiding Eleven in his home, the two brushed up against each other the way only two hotheaded Gryffindors can – lots of raised voices and telepathically flying furniture. But despite this quarreling, Hopper has nothing but a father’s love for Eleven. He’d protect her – or any of the Hawkins kids -with his life.

7 Lucas Sinclair – Slytherin

Despite their bad reputation in Harry Potter, Slytherins have their merits, as illustrated by Lucas. In his crew, Lucas is by far the most critical thinker. Though his initial treatment of Eleven was at times petty and cruel, it made sense for him to be skeptical of her motives. Keep in mind that unlike the audience, the boys didn’t know Eleven’s backstory when they met her so she very well could have been as dangerous as Lucas thought.

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When Lucas and his pals are first introduced playing Dungeons & Dragons, he expresses a desire to cheat at the game. Forgoing morality in favor of selfish gains more than points to a Slytherin. However, Season 2 saw Lucas softening his hard outer shell, especially toward his crush Max. Still, no matter how sweet Lucas is, his shrewd Slytherin judgment makes him the most likely of his friends to remain alive.

6 Dustin Henderson – Ravenclaw

When emotions run high in his group of friends, Dustin maintains a Switzerland-level neutrality. This was proven when Mike and Lucas almost come to blows over their conflict about Eleven. Dustin was the one who got them to bury the hatchet. This levelheadedness is indicative of a Ravenclaw, as is his scientific curiosity. When the gang needs to build a sensory deprivation tank, Dustin is the most logical choice to ask Mr. Clarke for instructions. Sometimes Dustin is curious to a fault, like when he kept Dart, a dangerous Upside Down creature, as a pet.

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On occasion, Dustin can show a Ravenclaw’s lack of social awareness, such as when he called Mr. Wheeler useless right to his face – even though Dustin is just saying what the fans are thinking. Yes, Dustin can be socially clueless but more often than not, his bumblings make him sympathetic. When realizing he was out of his depth when it came to girls, Dustin turned to Steve for assistance, leading to a fan-favorite bromance.

5 Will Byers – Hufflepuff

A talented artist and by far the shyest kid in his class, Will is frequently the target of bullying. This is exacerbated when Will returns from the Upside Down after everyone thought he was dead, and other kids call him “Zombie Boy”.

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Hufflepuffs are selfless peacekeepers as Will shows when he keeps quiet about his disturbing visions of the Upside Down, not wanting to cause his family any more stress. Will is constantly putting the needs and wants of others ahead of his own, as a true Hufflepuff would do. Even when playing D&D with his friends, Will will sacrifice himself if it helps others on their quest.

4 Joyce Byers – Gryffindor

When it comes to protecting her kids, there is no warrior more noble than Joyce Byers. Even when faced with mounting evidence that Will was dead, Joyce listened to her mother’s instinct and persevered on her mission to bring her boy home. No matter the damage to her reputation or personal property – the woman took an ax to her house – Joyce doesn’t give up.

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Her Gryffindor propensity to take risks carried over to Season 2. When the parasitic Mind Flayer infected Will’s body, Joyce drove it out by forcing intense heat upon the cold-blooded Shadow Monster, even though it appeared that Will was the only one in pain. A fainter-hearted person wouldn’t be able to stomach hurting a child, particularly their own son, but Joyce is ever the valiant Gryffindor.

3 Jonathan Byers – Ravenclaw

For a teenage boy in Hawkins, Indiana, Jonathan is considered to be a bit of an odd duck. Most of his peers spend their spare time going to the big game or pounding beers, but Jonathan keeps to himself, honing his photography skills and dreaming of attending NYU. A Ravenclaw lone wolf to the core, Jonathan didn’t ask anyone to help him locate Will, preferring to conduct his mission solo.

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Eventually, he found an ally in Nancy and as a team, they were instrumental in bringing Will back. Jonathan harbored romantic feelings for Nancy that he predictably did not vocalize. However, despite Jonathan’s introverted nature, these star-crossed lovers became an official couple in Season 2.

2 Nancy Wheeler – Gryffindor

There’s more to this bookish girl-next-door than meets the eye. Nancy’s rebellious side didn’t take long to come out when she lied to her parents and shrugged off bestie Barb’s misgivings about spending the night with Steve. That very night, Barb got sucked into the Upside Down and Nancy was wracked with guilt.

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As a Gryffindor, Nancy felt the immediate need to take action, working with Jonathan to find both Barb and Will. While investigating, Nancy found a portal to the Upside Down, which she entered without a moment’s hesitation, almost getting killed by the Demogorgon. When she found out about Barb’s death, Nancy wanted to expose the lab for unleashing the Upside Down in the first place, leading to more daring behavior. All that’s missing is the Marauder’s Map.

1 Steve Harrington – Hufflepuff

How can this cocky jock who purposefully broke Jonathan’s camera be a Hufflepuff? True, Steve initially put up a cool, Slytherin front but it wasn’t long into his relationship with Nancy that his walls broke down. Steve sought redemption, not just to win Nancy back, but because he knew his actions were wrong. He replaced the camera and personally apologized to Jonathan. Steve even stayed behind to fight the Demogorgon out of loyalty to the boy he wronged and the girl he loves.

Steve has no personal connection to the Upside Down but repeatedly puts himself in harm’s way to help the others battle its many monstrous creatures. This isn’t out of some need for a Gryffindor adrenaline rush, but because Steve wants to help. Mainly out of his feelings for Nancy but he also develops a unique friendship with Dustin. Even when all is well – or seems to be – Steve proves to be a true-blue friend to Dustin, giving him hair-styling tips and driving him to the school dance.

On the Nancy front, Steve is a long way from the reunion he wants. But he has a Hufflepuff’s patience and optimism so it’s likely he won’t lose hope.

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