Best Multiplayer Maps For Halo 3

Halo 3 capped off a great trilogy for the Master Chief and provided fans with another top multiplayer experience – here are the best multiplayer maps for the game. The original Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox ranks alongside the likes of Doom and Half-Life for its impact on the FPS genre. The various innovations it helped popularise like limiting players to two weapons at a time, using the shoulder button for grenades and regenerating health would soon become staples.

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Fans also fell in love with the lore and characters of Halo, including enigmatic hero Master Chief. Combat Evolved was a huge success, quickly leading to 2004’s Halo 2, which expanded the story and introduced new heroes and villains. Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 marked the end of the original story arc of the series, with the Chief continuing his battle against the Covenant and everybody’s favorite enemy the Flood. Halo 3 fast became the best-selling game of 2007 and while some critics complained about the lack of real innovation compared to the previous games, it’s still regarded as something of a series highpoint.

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The Halo franchise is also famous for its multiplayer experience, with Halo 3’s adrenaline-soaked multiplayer considered superior to the single-player campaign. The game offers fans upwards of 24 arenas to battle in so here are some of the best Halo 3 maps.

halo 3 snowbound map

The Guardian Map

Halo 3’s Guardian map is great for up, close and personal combat. The map is made up of various rooms and catwalks and crams players together, meaning a quick trigger finger and reflexes are essential. With its dark color palette and jungle design its one of the more visually intriguing maps too.

The Pit Map

Like Guardian, The Pit is another multi-level Halo 3 arena, which breaks up the action and allows for a variety of tactics. The high tower, for instance, allowed for some sniper action but opposing teams would often clash face to face in the map’s middle section. The level itself is a large hanger, but what it lacks in personality it more than makes up for in options for multiplayer destruction.

The Snowbound Map

Snowbound isn’t one of the bigger Halo 3 maps, with the layout featuring two Covenant bases connected via tunnel. Snowbound also features auto turret guns that stop players trying to exit the map. Long-range combat is a must for this arena, though close-range gunfights become the norm when players start defending their base.

The Sandtrap Map

Sandtrap is one of the biggest and best Halo 3 maps. The map is essentially an open desert that comes with plenty of vehicles and tactical options, and the right team can really clean up. That said, it can also feel a little sparse so experienced players will probably get the most fun out from it.

The Last Resort Map

The Last Resort is a remake of a popular Halo 2 map and comes with a number of zones like Camp Froman and the control tower. It’s also a classic level for snipers and intense sessions of Capture The Flag or Assault, and like Sandtrap a strong player team can have a lot of fun with Halo 3’s Last Resort.

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