8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2 (With Jason Todd As A Regular)

Titans is coming back for a second season on DC Universe streaming and there is some big news for the returning show. First, the bad guys have been announced — or at least who might end up being bad guys in the future. Triton is still around causing problems but Esai Morales has signed on to play Deathstroke while Chella Man and Chelsea Zhang have signed on to play his kids, Jericho and Rose Wilson.

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Add in the fact that Superboy/Conor Kent will make his debut on the show, as portrayed by Joshua Orpin, and Jason Todd (Curran Walters) will be taking on a larger role as well in the second season. With so many new characters, and so many legendary storylines to pull ideas from, here are eight Teen Titans stories that could be great for the second season of Titans.

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8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2

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8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2

Possibly the least interesting storyline that Titans can attack in season 2 is “The Judas Contract.” This is probably the best Teen Titans story of all-time but was just recently told in an animated movie, showcasing the betrayal by member Terra and the damage it did to the Titans as a team. However, with Deathstroke coming, this is the story that seems like a good bet for the live-action DC Universe television series. It is also a way to bring in something that was only hinted at in the animated movie if they choose to bring Jericho into the story as a key player since he was only a cameo in that previous effort.

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8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2

Jason Todd will have a key role in season 2 of Titans which brings up a couple of interesting ideas for the character and his place in the DC Universe television series. One of these ideas is the “Lonely Place of Dying” storyline. Of course, this isn’t just a Teen Titans storyline, but is also a shared Batman storyline — but it could still work.

The story was a crossover between Batman and New Titans. In the story, Dick Greyson is Nightwing and this series introduces the new Robin — Tim Drake. This happens after the death of Jason Todd, so one might wonder if the fact that Titans is so dark, to begin with — they might kill off Jason in order to bring in the superior Tim Drake version of Robin.


8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2

Teen Titans: Family Lost is another Deathstroke story and might be more interesting than rehashing the Judas Contract storyline. The story even includes the same villains from that previous story, with Brother Blood joining Deathstroke. Geoff Johns and Mike McKone created the storyline, which ran in volume 3 of the Teen Titans comic book series.

The story also includes Trigon (as well as Conor Kent as Superboy), so this could be a great way to lead from the huge cliffhanger ending of Titans season 1 and also introduce Deathstroke and his daughter Rose Wilson to the show as well.

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8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2

It seems like every great Teen Titans storyline includes a battle with Deathstroke. Teen Titans: A Kid’s Game is no different as the Titans battle Deathstroke, Ares and even Jericho in this storyline. It even involves an appearance by The Justice League, although there is no way that will happen on the DC Universe television series.

This storyline, in the comic books, takes place immediately following “Graduation Day” and the disbanding of Young Justice. That can’t play into their either, but Titans proved in season 1 that it didn’t care about playing things straight with the comic book lines anyway. The characters in this story are not the same ones on the TV show but this is about creating the organized team and that is where Titans needs to head very soon.


8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2

Season 1 of Titans really looked into the idea of the government — or at least secret organizations — capturing and experimenting on super-powered children. However, the final scene of the season showed a scene very familiar to fans of Young Justice. The scene showed Cadmus — somewhere in Metropolis — where Superboy walked out of the lab.

Behind him was what looked like dead Cadmus scientists and then we see Krypto with glowing red eyes. While the Titans have a lot to deal with as season 2 starts, there is no way that Cadmus allows Conor Kent to just walk out and Titans will have to deal with the fallout of Superboy escaping and that means a Cadmus related storyline is coming.

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8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2

The second season of Titans has a chance to add some new blood to the already established team of Robin, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. Released in 2006, Titans: Around the World tells the story of the group recovering after a major event and welcoming someone new.

In the comics, it was Infinite Crisis, but on the Titans television show, it could be anything. This was also the series that introduced Miss Martian to the team as a full-fledged member and while Young Justice fans get plenty of the heroic Martian, how cool would it be to bring her into the fold in the live-action DC series as well? It also brings back Jericho — which could play into the introduction of Deathstroke as well.

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8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2

Donna Troy in Titans was one of the most normal members of the first season’s cast of characters. She didn’t arrive until the eighth episode and was revealed to be Wonder Woman’s sidekick when she was younger. On the TV series, Donna is now a photojournalist who stepped away from the role of a costumed superhero.

With that said, the idea of Donna Troy getting a big storyline based around her is a very interesting proposition. New Teen Titans: Who is Donna Troy really dives deep into the origins of Wonder Girl where she learns that everything she thought was true was all a lie and now Donna Troy is needed to save the original Titans of Greek mythology.

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8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2

The biggest news coming into season 2 of Titans wasn’t the arrival of Deathstroke and Jericho but the fact that Jason Todd would end up playing a major role in the season. As the first season showed, Jason Todd was the kid who took on the role of Robin after Dick Greyson moved on and became Batman’s new sidekick.

Jason showed in the first season to be incredibly violent and unhinged. With Titans willing to take chances by switching up characters from their original history, could DC Universe take Jason out of the Robin role and move him into the Red Hood role? Remember, Starfire in the comics teamed with Jason in The Outlaws and that could really cause some drama with Dick Greyson.

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