With Edgar Wright’s Blessing, Fans Are Remaking Baby Driver With LEGO

With Edgar Wright’s blessing, fans are remaking Baby Driver with LEGO. The 2017 film marked a career high for Wright, as it was the first of his six-film catalogue to receive Oscar nominations. In addition to critical acclaim, Baby Driver is, to date, by far the most profitable film that Wright has made.

After creating a name for himself with 2004’s zombie-comedy Shaun of the Dead and the subsequent Cornetto Trilogy that followed, Wright put his substantial creative energies into Baby Driver after he parted ways with Marvel over his vision for the Ant-Man film. A heist film about a getaway driver who uses music to block out the constant ringing in his ears caused by tinnitus, Baby Driver’s intense car chase scenes and carefully tailored soundtrack made the film a favorite of many die hard Wright fans, as well as winning the filmmaker a host of brand new ones in the process. So successful was the film that Wright has revealed that a sequel is a possibility.

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As Wright’s fanbase has always proven itself to be a devoted one, there’s never any shortage of fan-made homages to his films. T-Shirts, paintings, posters – all of it exists thanks to Wright’s ability to capture his audience’s attention and imagination. The latest fan-related celebration of Wright’s work comes to us from Indiegogo, where Darren Taylor has put out the call for other like-minded creatives to help with the production of his LEGO recreation of Baby Driver. You can check out his announcement video below:

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Taylor is no stranger to creating his own LEGO productions, having already made a 27-minute, 4-part LEGO Batman series, and being nominated for Scotland’s Young Scot Award as a result of his filmmaking talent. His current plan is to crowdfund enough money to pay for the production of a LEGO Baby Driver adaptation. In his own words, Taylor adores Baby Driver and realizes that no financial profit can be made from his production. That being said, Edgar Wright has given his blessing for the project to go ahead, which must be a huge boost of confidence for Taylor and any other collaborators who are interested in taking part. He plans on finishing the production somewhere between the summer and winter of 2020, though this is largely dependent on the amount of help he receives from other creatives he hopes to attract.

As of this writing, Taylor is still a long way off from reaching his fundraising goal, but the campaign is only six days in. With past experience creating LEGO adaptations, as well as Wright’s consent behind him, Taylor likely won’t have too much trouble getting the money he needs to complete his passion project. Hopefully, he’ll also manage to secure some like-minded help in the process as well, thereby allowing the scale of the LEGO Baby Driver project to grow significantly. It’s always great to see people put their energy into something so potentially rewarding and to help build a community of filmmakers along the way.

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Source: Indiegogo

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