Higher, Further, Faster: 10 Incredible Captain Marvel Cosplays

Captain Marvel burst through the box office with spectacular results. Not that we didn’t expect Marvel’s first female-led superhero film to do anything less than that. Men and women from around the world took their seats in theaters on March 8th and watched as Brie Larson brought to life one of the strongest women in the superhero legion. The story of pilot turned Kree correspondent made its way into the hearts of many, however, none as much so as cosplayers.

Cosplay, a play on the term “costume play”, is when talented and passionate film and comic fans harness their own unique powers to replicate their favorite characters. Cosplayers have been prepping their sewing machines and buying their supplies for months in anticipation to reveal their characterizations of this strong heroine. In the weeks leading up to — and since — the premiere of Captain Marvelwe have been blown away by the stimulating talent in this community.

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Take a look at these ten impressive Captain Marvel cosplays!

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10 Iron Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s suit is taken up a notch by Gleume Cosplay, who incorporates this remarkable mashup of Carol meets Tony Stark. And while we all know that Thor approves of the new addition after the newest Avengers: Endgame trailer, wouldn’t it be awesome if Stark made Carol a technologically advanced suit?

This cosplay build takes on the structure of an Iron Man suit while still holding on to the true colors and representation of Captain Marvel. To say this cosplay is a work of art is putting it mildly. Gleume also cosplays as Jane Thor, Jasmine, and Brigitte from Blizzard’s Overwatch.

9 Goose!

Megan cozies up to her own mini Goose! Megan was excited to see the newest Marvel film and gave it rave reviewing by stating,

“I loved it so much, more than any Marvel movie!!! Definitely expect more of this superhero in the near future!!”

This 26-year-old cosplayer and makeup artist is no stranger to Marvel characters, having expertly worn MJ Watson and Spider-Gwen cosplays. Here, Megan sports an earlier rendition of Captain Marvel’s superhero outfit (Gil Kane Captain Marvel costume, designed by Jamie McKelvie). But with her impeccable Captain Marvel persona and that cute little sidekick, how could we leave them out??

But I wouldn’t get too close, Megan!

8 Mar-Vell

This self-proclaimed “friendly coding cosplayer” wasn’t about to let all the women bask in the Captain Marvel glory! His rendition of Mar-Vell suits him well! Comic fans will be privy to the fact that the original Mar-Vell was a male figure, though the roles were reversed in the latest Marvel film when Annette Bening portrayed this character.

Other Marvel cosplays that can be seen on his Instagram account include a mind-blowing Iron Man build and a spot-on Black Panther suit. He was even invited to the Captain Marvel premiere as a very convincing Nick Fury!

7 Steampunk Captain Marvel

Who doesn’t love a good steampunk cosplay? Steampunk is a 19th century industrial aesthetic that many people incorporate into their costumes for a classic twist. Lady Ember Brennen Sparks designed this hardwired costume herself and made the entire ensemble down to the stitches. Lady Ember is a wig artisan, makeup artist, and cosmetologist. She’s also the owner of All Is Vanity Expressions.

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This cosplayer is an active Captain Marvel fan, as can be seen on her Instagram from her unabashed excitement leading up to the film. Lady Ember also has a casual flight suit Carol Danvers jacket that she hopes to wear “as part of my daily nerd obsession,” as she puts it.

6 Brie Larson?

While makeup artist and cosplayer may be at the top of her skills list, JokerLolibel’s modeling had us convinced this was a promotional photo of Brie Larson. This cosplay exudes the power that exemplifies the Captain Marvel name, and she does it with flare. She has an unlimited supply of these ridiculously good Carol Danvers’ cosplay photos, and we’re not mad! Her suit is laden with details and equipped with all the mighty bells and whistles (save for the photon fists, unfortunately). She could not be a more fitting display of this character.

This girl’s Marvel cosplay is incredibly spot-on. Her other cosplays are just as well, namely her Elasti Girl and Anastasia costumes.

5 Mini Starforce

If this doesn’t make your heart melt, then you might be a Kree. Mother Jenielle seems to be the heart of her adorable family, and frequently shows her daughters the power of imagination and creativity by bringing them to Disneyland in full costume. Here her daughters, Little Grey and Little Sage, wear a beautiful handmade Dr. Minerva dress and Captain Marvel gown!

This mother of two is doing right by showing her two little ones that anyone can be a hero. In her blog, she wrote that Captain Marvel taught her daughters about friendship by helping them see that “ It takes a strong person to stand up to your own convictions and to do the right thing, even when your friends are telling you to do something else.”

Jenielle is a supermom all on her own; no costume needed.

4 Casual Carol Danvers

Not all cosplays are intricate costumes. Emily O. aka The Stylish Geek dones a #closetcosplay for Brie Larson’s casual on-screen 90’s look. Emily raves about Captain Marvel, giving note that the 90’s throwbacks were a highlight in the film. Who else spotted the 90’s easter eggs, like the Blockbuster, Windows ‘95, Gameboy, and SF2?

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Emily is an excellent cosplayer who supports fandoms of all shapes and sizes. She’s done a convincing Darth Vader, a punk Chun Li from Street Fighter, and a pretty badass Robin. Emily appears to be just your everyday nerd-next-door who is a geek fashion, Disneyland, comic, and gaming enthusiast.

3 The Captain Marvel Spirit

Holy Marvel! Get a look at the dedication this cosplayer has! Hanari Solomon wears a classic Carol Danvers piece, which bodes well with her unique side shave that is combed as Captain Marvel’s symbol. Soloman has been a fan of this female hero for years, and is up-to-date on all her latest comic features. She absolutely loved the film stating,

“Captain Marvel is a film that shows how one hundred percent unabashedly HUMAN Carol is and it’s a film about self discovery and choices and personal growth that I feel everyone can enjoy.”

This Florida cosplayer can absolutely rock any cosplay. She’s worked on a ton of anime characters and her prop builds are impressive, to say the least!

2 Carol Danvers M.D. 

Even as a full-time MD, this girl still finds time to create stunning renditions of comic characters. Her unique Captain Marvel suit is showcased with pride, determination, and strength— all the key ingredients for our real-life heroes! This suit is a fan-made interpretation of Carol Danver’s classic comic look.

This girl has no limits to what she can cosplay. She started cosplaying after her mom took her to a local convention, where she realized a new way to endorse her love for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel. Her profile shows beautiful recreations of characters such as the Mad Hatter, Silk, Catwoman, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

1 Light ‘Em Up

Higher, further, faster. That seems to be the aim for this cosplayer, known in the community as Jedi Manda. She was the talk of the town in the weeks leading up to the Captain Marvel premiere as her fans watched in awe as she shared progress photos for this handmade cosplay. That’s right; from the lit helmet to Carol’s battle boots, Jedi Manda worked her fingers to the bone putting together this costume. If you want to learn her mind-blowing costuming secrets (or you’re just curious how the heck she made this all on her own), she even has a full tutorial for this look on her YouTube channel!

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