The 10 Craziest Anime Hairstyles

The magic of anime is its disobedience with reality. Anything is possible at this point especially in Shonen anime, or even other genres of anime, for that matter. Hence, even the very first character you see screams uniqueness at the viewers and this can be due to many characteristics of their face. More often than not, it’s the hair that makes the anime character.

The hair is everything, it has more personality than the character itself and changes in hairstyle usually mean they have completed their development arc. So, you can bet that the crazier the hair, the more distinct and prominent the character is in a particular anime, and here are some of the craziest and most peculiar anime hairstyles ever:

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Most characters in Detective Conan are drawn in a simple yet distinguishable style. After all, it aims to be semi-realistic with all the clever criminal geniuses featured in the show. Still, one character’s hairstyle there sticks out like a sore thumb.

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We’re talking about esteemed Detective Kogoro Mori’s daughter, Ran. What. Is. That? It looks like a Looney Tunes bump in her head which the hair grew over. It could also be she applied gel generously on just one spot in her head full of hair. Out of all the mysterious crimes in Detective Conan‘s two-decade run, Ran’s hair is the biggest unsolved crime of all, it’s a fashion crime.


Fullmetal Alchemist and its Brotherhood reboot are both set in a fictional Germany, which explains the tame hairstyles. Then, along came Envy and made us all confused on what kind of look he really wanted to achieve. Are those supposed to be dreadlocks? Or did he accidentally transmute a spider on his head?

Perhaps he has no one to braid it for him because he’s evil so he just used pomade to divide them into sections. Anyway, he’s a villain and he doesn’t have to follow rules, even in a fictional anime world where everyone has European hair.


It’s not just Kakarot– more than half of all the characters in the Dragonball franchise have really ridiculous hair. However, the Saiyans take the cake for making their crazy hairstyles relevant. The longer and more upright it gets, the more powerful the Saiyan, that’s sayin’ something.

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And it gets better, they also go blond and become more screamy when they increase their power levels. Without a doubt, Goku is single-handedly responsible for a big chunk of the ’90s kids population bleaching their hair blond and gelling them to kingdom come.


One look at Jessie from Pokemon‘s Team Rocket and you’ll know why they make for horrible incompetent thieves. It’s obvious she spends more time styling her hair than preparing for their periodic Pokemon heists. With that amount of hold on her hair, she probably spends at least half a day in front of a wind tunnel just to achieve that slick look.

Of course, it’s not just Jessie, as later generations of Pokemon character’s hairs got more and more… evolved, for lack of a better word. Trivia: the hair is where Jessie keeps her Poke balls.


Shiki is an awesome horror anime and we usually don’t get a lot of those. Yet, what makes Shiki truly horrific is the fact that half the characters in the said anime have hairstyles that look like they got murdered and came back from the dead.

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One such example is Ritsuko, a nurse whose hair is made out of green origami constructed by a five-year-old kid… or so it appears. Ritsuko is quite busy helping everyone afflicted by the Shiki though so that might have contributed to the death of her seaweed hair.


You may think Kenpachi from Bleach is a cool Shinigami captain, but no, he is actually a sea-urchin who learned to wield a Zanpakuto (Shinigami weapon)… or maybe not. However, there is no better explanation for his hairstyle, but another explanation might be because he uses his Zanpakuto to cut his own hair and he originally had a dashing afro.

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It’s also not just his hairstyle and his character that is crazy– just take a look at his hairline. That’s the most dominant widow’s peak ever and makes Vegeta from Dragonball look like a boy in comparison.


Internet edge made manifest. To this day, Yami Yugi and his pipsqueak alter ego still listen to My Chemical Romance and still stare into the blankness and futility of life while telepathically exchanging emo quotes with his Dark Magician card.

A lot of monster cards were sacrificed to the Nether Realm to maintain that hair. If that’s not temperamental enough for you, check out his successors in the future Yu-Gi-Oh generations– maximum aggression:

[embedded content]

Not only does he look like he swallowed a whole dragonfruit– he became THE dragonfruit.


What you’re looking at is not an anime reject of the He-Man franchise. That’s actually Ragyou Kiryuin from Kill la Kill and no, she’s not the first genderless character in anime ever. The rainbow is quite misleading as Ragyou is actually an evil authoritarian and also serves as the true antagonist.

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Despite being a villain, her appearance and personality are that of a tall high-class woman who likes to flaunt luxury. She’s also proud, vain and megalomanic… basically, she’s Nyan Cat, except more evil. The rainbow says it all.


There’s plenty wrong with Franky’s appearance in One Piece. However, we’re just going to focus on the hair, because pointing out the intricacies of his structurally unsound physique might take forever to end, like One Piece. Granted, most characters in One Piece deserve to be on this list, but Franky is special because his hair is whatever he wants it to be. Move over Samson.

Like Goku, Franky’s hair is tied to his powers, except the type of hairstyle and hair power he will get depends on what he drinks.


Arguably, we can’t call this one hair or style since it’s clearly a distinct lack of both. Nevertheless, Saitama is a true paragon for deviating from the stereotypical crazy-hair anime protagonist. He is so outlandish compared to any Shonen anime hero that even God himself would become curious with this absolute mad lad.

Saitama doesn’t need hair to show his Shonen progression and power– he IS power. Besides, a true badass does not have time to style his hair anyway; he is too busy defeating enemies to even care about his appearance.

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