Must-Own Gifts For Harry Potter Fans Sorted In Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff is a house that accepts all kinds of people, valuing their inherent goodness rather than their magical aptitude. Humble, kind, loyal and fair, any Hufflepuff deserves a gift or two for being so gosh-darn nice.

This house is sometimes known as, unfortunately, the least talented, but the most likely to be there for you when you need a trusty, unwavering friend. This house also has the fewest Dark Wizards on record of any Hogwarts house. You know you’re supporting a good cause when you treat someone from Hufflepuff to a new present. These wearable, readable, playable items are good enough for Helga Hufflepuff herself, and all who came after her.

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10 Hufflepuff Crew Socks


In the yellow and black colors of Hufflepuff, these socks are a cotton, polyester and spandex blend. Novelty socks are a great gift for anyone, whether they want to show them off with shorts or hide them under a pressed pant. A proud Hufflepuff would be excited to secretly sport these at work or school, or use them as a conversation starter.

These are junior sizing, so perfect for kids to teens. Other houses can be purchased as well, so your Hufflepuff can pair with their best friend or sibling, sporting rival colors and wearing their Harry Potter pride where it counts – on their feet.

9 Hufflepuff Patch Knit Scarf


This officially licensed Harry Potter scarf has yellow and black stripes and a detailed Hufflepuff crest emblazoned on the end. The scarf is 7 feet long and the size fits most proud badgers. This is a great gift for cold winter and fall months when a little cheering up is needed. For Harry Potter fans, this scarf is a lot of fun because unlike some other Hufflepuff apparel, it resembles an item that is worn in the films.

For anyone who wants to look like Cedric Diggory himself for the day, this will have them mistaken for Robert Pattinson in an instant. Since Hufflepuffs are such sweethearts, use this gift to give them a warm hug from afar when they need a little love themselves.

8 Hufflepuff Crest Cauldron Mug


This mug holds 20 ounces of liquid and has an easy grip, large handle. It’s in the smooth shape of a cauldron and is perched atop small legs, so your mug won’t cause water rings or get stuck to your coaster – a plus. For hot drinks, the sculpted round shape holds heat well and keeps your tea or coffee steamy until the last drop.

Great for a Hufflepuff fan who wants a little cheering up at work, or something to perk them up first thing in the morning. The Hufflepuff crest appears on the front, with two badgers imposed behind it. The mug itself is black and ceramic – it makes for a great drinking vessel as well as a cool decoration.

7 Hufflepuff Crest Woven Tapestry Throw


This tapestry throw has a woven Hufflepuff crest in the center, flanked by gold badgers and surrounded by multicolored fringe around the border. It’s brightly colored and measures 48″ x 60″. It’s large enough to wrap yourself up in to keep warm and looks great as a statement piece on a couch or chair, draped across the back or arm for guests to grab.

It can also be hung in true tapestry fashion, on the wall of any room, to make a beautiful feature and conversation starter. It works as a nice rug as well, making it a very versatile gift for your fan friend and an easy choice.

6 Cedric Diggory Funko POP!


Devastatingly handsome and heroic, Cedric is a favorite Hufflepuff character. This Cedric Diggory Funko POP! sports a Hufflepuff sweater and brandishes a wand at his side. It’s a vinyl figure and is a great collector’s item, either for a fan who collects Funko POP! figures, or for someone who just loves the character of Cedric.

This is a great gift for any age, as kids will be excited about the toy and can use it as an action figure, but it’s the type of piece that can be displayed on a desk or shelf as well. Adults can get away with owning this cool doll and younger fans will love it too. This is one of many Harry Potter Funko POP! figures and can be added to a growing collection.

5 Nymphadora Tonks Wand


Nymphadora Tonks is a metamorphmagus, meaning she can change her appearance on command. She was a student at Hogwarts ahead of Harry and his friends and later went on to become an auror, or protector of the wizard world. As an auror, Tonks was involved in multiple exciting duels with this very wand.

She is a much-beloved character in the series. The wand is a replica of Tonks’ from the films, 18 inches long, hand painted and comes with a metal presentation box. This is a great collector’s item, decorative piece or even an accessory for a highly detailed Halloween costume.

4 Cedric Diggory Funko Mystery Mini


Mystery Minis come in a blind box so that the recipient is surprised by what they find inside – this particular Cedric Diggory mini stands in his cloak with a sweet expression on his face. Smaller than the standard Funko POP! figures, Mystery Minis stand around 3 inches tall, or a bit less. They’re a fun toy to collect and are appropriate for fans aged 3 and up.

The Cedric mini has a 1/6 rarity and is made of vinyl like the larger figures. The Mystery Minis are fun trading items for fans as well, because collectors can end up with doubles or multiples, due to the blind boxes.

3 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Hufflepuff Edition


This is a beautiful book. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first book of the series, where it all began. It follows Harry Potter on his path to Hogwarts and away from his dreadful life of abuse and neglect. Readers witness Harry’s first meeting with his soon-to-be-best friends Ron and Hermione and see him begin his adventures. The Hufflepuff Edition was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of publication.

A Hufflepuff crest appears on the front, with the values of DEDICATION, PATIENCE and LOYALTY beneath it. The edges are sprayed in the Hufflepuff house colors, line illustrations appear inside, and the book includes fact files and character profiles for extra fan content. This is a limited edition item, so it’s a unique and collectible gift.

2 Hufflepuff Wax Seal


It’s hard not to feel very cool when using a wax seal on personal letters or documents. Two Hufflepuff wax candles are included in the kit – one black and one yellow, for the house colors.

The Diecast metal stamp stands about 4 inches tall and sports a badger crawling on top of it. The print itself is of a Hufflepuff crest. The stamp is high quality enough to be left out when not in use, as a decoration as well as a subtle nod to Hufflepuff loyalty (since Hufflepuffs are very, very loyal). This is a great gift for teens and older fans, but not a great idea for children as manipulating hot wax isn’t for youngsters.

1 Hufflepuff Ruled Pocket Journal


The inner cover has a place for the writer to mark their name, in a blank space within a crest under the words, ‘Property of’. This pocket journal is small, hardcover and has an elastic band to mark your place or securely close the book to stow away private notes.

The design on the front contains the house crest, the pages are ruled and it’s easy to jot down notes on the go with its compact sizing – about the size of an index card. This is a great gift for anyone who gets ideas on the move and would enjoy having a fan item in their bag or coat, sporting their favorite Hogwarts division.

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