Who Are The Shazam Family? DC’s New Movie Team Explained

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Shazam!

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Shazam! movie’s family of children-turned-superheroes, known as the Shazam Family – formerly known as DC’s ‘Captain Marvel Family’ before the publisher was forced to change it (for obvious reasons). And most importantly, what their arrival into the DCEU could mean for future movies.

As the star of the show, it’s Billy Batson and his Shazam! alter ego that are taking up most of the spotlight. Movie audiences have also gotten more than a few looks at Freddy Freeman, Shazam’s closest friend in the movie’s trailers and TV spots. But before you start thinking that Billy’s foster brothers and sisters qualify as “sidekicks,” let’s set the record straight: they’ve been with Billy and the Wizard Shazam ever since the first days of the famous Captain Marvel.

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With Shazam! now in theaters, it’s clear that the creative team behind the latest DC movie took their time in making sure Billy’s foster siblings – Freddy, Mary, Darla, Eugene, and Pedro – stayed true to the source material, and that includes transforming them into their superhero counterparts, collectively known as the Shazam Family.

Last updated: April 4, 2019

Billy Batson’s Foster Family & Adult Superhero Actors

Once it became clear just how closely the movie was based on DC’s modern Shazam! comic series, it went without saying that the foster brothers and sisters would be adapted. In Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s re-imagining of Billy’s story, the elements of family were at the heart of the new Shazam mythology. And to drive that home, Billy was re-imagined as one of an entire household of foster children in Philadelphia. A family he shrugs off at first, but soon learns to embrace as he understands the power that they possess in connection to his own… more on that later.

Fans should familiarize themselves with the kids already being fostered by Rosa and Victor Vasquez (played by Marta Milans and Cooper Andrews, respectively). Fans will already be familiar with Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer), superhero superfan who uses humor to protect himself, instead of Billy’s aloofness. Then there’s Mary Bromfield (Grace Fulton) who takes her position as the oldest of the kids to heart, caring for the youngest of the family. That would refer to Eugene Choi (Ian Chen) and Darla Dudley (Faithe Herman), with the quiet Pedro Peña (Jovan Armand) rounding out the team.

At the end of the Shazam! movie, Billy uses the Wizard’s staff to imbue his foster siblings with unique powers he possesses. In doing so, each of the siblings transform into adult superheroes, thereby becoming the Shazam Family. In the movie, the Shazam Family is comprised of actors and actresses Michelle Borth (Mary), Meagan Good (Darla), Ross Butler (Eugene), Adam Brody (Freddy), and D.J. Cotrona (Pedro).

Freddy & Mary Are The Key Players in Shazam! 

We’re not showing any bias when it comes to the children welcoming Billy Batson into his new foster family, simply stating the facts: it’s Mary and Freddy who share the most screen time with Billy (and Shazam) in at least the hero’s origin film. Freddy is welcomed into Shazam’s confidence due to his wisdom when it comes to superheroics. But Mary’s role is different for one major reason.

Where Freddy helps Shazam play the part of a superhero, it’s Mary more than anyone else who pushes Billy Batson to become a hero at heart. The trio of Billy, Freddy, and Mary has been a fundamental part of the Shazam story from the beginning, so in order to appreciate how the film pays homage to the comic book history – and start theorizing all the ways future Shazam sequels can make use of their past adventures – let’s dive a bit deeper into the mythology and lore behind the old (and new) versions of The Shazam Family.

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