The 25 Best Movies on Hulu Right Now

Hulu has a lot of great movies – here are the 25 best films on the streaming service. In an age of options, less feels like more. While Netflix has an ever-expanding library, Hulu offers a more focused collection of great movies. Because volume isn’t the objective, Hulu succeeds in curating a batch of excellent films.

There are the Academy Awards classics like Apollo 13 and Chinatown, the arthouse darlings like Sorry to Bother You and The Hunt, and the pure entertainment gems like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Terminator 2. Hulu keeps it simple and offers something for everybody. Here are the 25 best movies that you can watch on Hulu right now.

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Before we start, first a disclaimer. modern streaming libraries are like carousels, always moving and always changing. The films in this list are available on Hulu at the time of writing. We’ll be updating this top 25 list frequently, so keep an eye out for Hulu’s latest and greatest offerings. Also, the list isn’t ranked from worst to best, so a lower number is not meant to denote higher quality. It’s just a list of 25 great movies.

Last updated: April 5, 2019

25. Detroit

Will Poulter and Anthony Mackie in Detroit

While it slipped through awards season without much hype, Detroit remains one of 2017’s best films. Rotten Tomatoes awarded it an 84% for its “gut-wrenching dramatization of a tragic chapter” in American history. Director Kathryn Bigelow tackles the 1967 incident in Motor City with aplomb, deftly guiding a sprawling cast (led by John Boyega and Will Poulter) through a maze of tension, bigotry, and survival. Detroit streams exclusively on Hulu.

24. Batman Begins

Christian Bale Glaring in Batman Begins

The story of a newly orphaned Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman has been told multiple times, whether it be in movies, TV shows, or animated projects. It’s a tale any superhero fan is very familiar with, but arguably its greatest telling to date came in 2005’s Batman Begins, the first entry into Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Christian Bale stars as The Caped Crusader, backed by an excellent supporting cast, including Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Cillian Murphy. Katie Holmes also appears as Bruce’s love interest Rachel Dawes, although Maggie Gyllenhaal would take over for the sequel. Comic book fans have every reason to answer Hulu’s Bat-Signal, and stream this terrific film.

23. Arrival

Arrival ship

Director Denis Villeneuve solidified his reputation with Arrival, perhaps the most intimate science fiction movie in recent years. Critics awarded it a 94% Rotten Tomatoes score, and domestic fans boosted its box office to over $100 million, making it one of the most acclaimed films on Hulu. Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker help ground this mind-bending adventure. Should you have any questions about that ending, we’ve got you covered.

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22. Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands with Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

While Tim Burton’s reputation as a director has waned in recent years, there was a time when he was putting out cult classic after cult classic, and perhaps none of his classics are more cult than 1990’s Edward Scissorhands. Johnny Depp plays the titular character, an artificial man created by a kindly inventor (Vincent Price). When his creator dies, Edward has no choice but to meet the outside world, which isn’t easy, due to his titular condition. Winona Ryder, Anthony Michael Hall, and Dianne Wiest co-star in this gem, perfect for a Hulu streaming session.

21. The Shining

Jack Nicholson played many memorable roles over the course of his long career, but few proved quite as iconic as The Shining’s Jack Torrance, a recovering alcoholic writer who found himself pushed over the edge of madness by the malevolent spirits residing inside the remote Overlook Hotel. Based on Stephen King’s classic novel of the same name, director Stanley Kubrick’s film was never a favorite of the author, but audiences couldn’t disagree more. There are few horror films even on the level of The Shining, and it’s a must watch for Hulu subscribers.

20. Office Space

Gary Cole in Office Space

The workplace comedy is a long-term staple of pop culture, but few of them have even come close to capturing the frustration, boredom, and general malaise often involved in getting through the standard 9-5 office workday as well as Office Space. Ron Livingston leads writer/director Mike Judge’s hilarious ensemble cast as Peter Gibbons, a programmer at a company called Initech that has just about had enough of his daily routine. Gary Cole plays his infamously annoying boss Bill Lumbergh, a man with zero regard for his employees’ wants and needs. Jennifer Aniston, Stephen Root, Diedrich Bader, and John C. McGinley also star in this top Hulu pick.

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19. Silence


While it took director Martin Scorsese 25 years to make Silence, his commitment and passion are fully evident in every frame of the movie. As the title suggests, this is a quiet and interior film, a study of faith and persecution set in 17th Century Japan. Silence is a deeply transporting experience fueled by actors Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson, and Adam Driver. Though largely ignored by the Oscars, Silence garnered an 84% Rotten Tomatoes score, and is very much worth checking out on Hulu.

18. Blue Velvet

Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth in Blue Velvet

If one’s only exposure to director David Lynch is through the TV series Twin Peaks, they owe it to themselves to check out what may be Lynch’s best movie, now on Hulu. Also starring Kyle MacLachlan, Blue Velvet in many ways inspired Twin Peaks’ colorful aesthetic, and its setting of a seemingly idyllic small town with horrors bubbling not far under the surface. The biggest of those horrors is violent madman Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper), a villain always seen taking hits off of a container of an unidentified gas. Like any Lynch film, it’s surreal, but it’s also more accessible than much of the director’s work.

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