Marvel Just Killed [SPOILER] To Start ‘War of The Realms’

Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS for War of the Realms #1

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The War of the Realms has officially begun in Marvel’s Universe. And to prove that nobody is safe from this all-out battle, not one, but TWO iconic Asgardians have been murdered in just the first issue. Thank goodness Infinity War helped fans say goodbye to Loki once already.

With all ten realms of the Marvel Universe now destroyed or conquered by the Dark Elves, and only Thor left to lead Earth’s heroes before all of Creation falls… perhaps it’s best his father Odin and brother Loki are killed. That way they won’t be forced to see him fail. And judging by War of the Realms #1, plenty more heroes are going to be challenged, defeated, and killed before this war is over.

War of The Realms Kills Odin First

Odin Killed in Marvels War of the Realms

The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth is nothing new for the Asgardians, which means Odin is anything but worried about the grim and “terrible ending” he senses fast approaching. The past few issues of Jason Aaron’s Thor comic have shown Odin getting drunk and miserable, proving that his time is over, and Thor’s turn as the All-Father is nearing. It’s a pathetic way to go out, Ragnarok or not. But when he sits on the thrones of Asgard and contemplates the fall of his people, his empire, his powers, and his family… he soon learns he is not alone.

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It’s a testament to just how far Odin has fallen that Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves and the mastermind of this War of the Realms doesn’t even come to kill the All-Father personally. Instead, he sends a squad of Dark Elf assassins who get the job done with minimal casualties. Even if the story leaves Odin before his lifeless corpse can be confirmed, the slain ravens, and the flurry of assassin blades leave little doubt. And when the action shifts to Loki‘s own luck in evading the same assassins, Odin’s fate seems to be just the first in a chain of Malekith’s opening strikes against Earth’s defenders.

Loki is Dying (Only That Ain’t Loki)

Loki Dying in Marvels War of the Realms

When Loki’s bloody and dagger-filled body crash lands in Thor’s backyard, the god of thunder recognizes that the time is up. No more adventures with his brother trying to rally the troops, or even becoming Thor, King of Hel to delay the inevitable. The War of the Realms is under way, and Malekith has murdered Loki for trying to trick him with false loyalty (trickery is kind of his thing, so you would expect better from a Dark Elf).

But things go from bad to worse for Thor when he is teleported to Malekith by Loki’s magic… only to learn that his traveling partner isn’t his brother at all. This ‘Loki’ is actually Malekith himself, masquerading as Thor’s brother in order to lure the Avenger away from Earth. So with Thor removed and Earth now vulnerable, Malekith abandons him to battle Frost Giants on Jotunheim and heads to New York City to lead his grand army.

Fortunately for Earth, there is still ONE son of Odin prepared to die for Earth, and his family. Sorry Loki fans, massive SPOILERS lie ahead.

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