Halo Twitter Account Pitches Master Chief For Smash Ultimate DLC

Halo and Super Smash Bros. might not be a partnership we ever see, but it won’t be for lack of trying. Halo‘s official Twitter account responded to a question from Twitter that polled users on the character they would most like to see added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC roster, replying with a .gif image of the legendary Master Chief.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC rumors have been flying ever since the game announced it would have characters being added to its roster post-launch, and Master Chief has already been the subject of some speculation after a Microsoft and Nintendo partnership for the Switch began gaining traction with insiders. Fans already believe they may have uncovered the entire DLC roster, while others are still speculating on individual releases, with many suggesting that the next character added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be from the Dragon Quest series.

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The official Halo Twitter account certainly added fuel to the fire of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate speculation a few days ago, seemingly throwing Master Chief’s recognizable helmet into the discussion of which characters should get added to the game. The tweet is a simple .gif response that plays an iconic scene from Halo Infinite where Master Chief’s helmet comes into view while observing a rural, serene landscape. There were no words involved, either, just a simple insinuation that the team behind Halo would be happy to assist in bringing Master Chief to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC:

It’s unclear whether or not this is a tease for an already existing DLC plan, an offer to help bring Master Chief to Smash Bros., or simply a bit of social media banter from an account that will already have its hands full when The Master Chief Collection begins to get ported to the PC platform. Master Chief in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC wouldn’t be the strangest thing, though, as the series has already included several gun-wielding characters like Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Fox and Falco from Star Fox. It’s still unlikely, but at least there’s precedent.

Whether or not Master Chief actually ends up in upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC is up in the air, but it’s renewed the discussion of getting some Microsoft-owned characters onto the title. If not Halo‘s Master Chief, why not someone more closely-tied to Nintendo like Banjo from Banjo Kazooie? Or, as many greedy Super Smash Bros. fans will tell anyone who listens – why not both? We’ll find out as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate steadily churns out DLC over the coming year.

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