How To Unlock The Spider-Man Homecoming Suit In Spider-Man PS4

It’s arguably the coolest of Spidey’s big-screen costumes so here’s how fans can unlock the Spider-Man: Homecoming suit in Spider-Man PS4. Once Sony decided to reboot the franchise with 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man they had plans to produce multiple sequels and spinoffs. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 left plenty of dangling plot threads, such as Harry Osborn plotting his revenge and a tease that Peter Parker would face off against the Sinister Six in his next adventure.

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While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a hit, both the box-office gross and critical reception would prove disappointing. Following a deal with Marvel to share the character, it was decided to reboot Spider-Man once again and introduce him to the MCU, with Tom Holland playing a new version of Parker in Captain America: Civil War. Holland was a perfect fit for the character, who would soon appear in his own solo movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. The story saw Peter take on Michael Keaton’s Vulture whilst being mentored by Tony Stark.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man also swung onto the PlayStation 4 in 2018, letting players take Peter for a spin around an open-world New York. The game received raves by critics and fans alike for its story and open-ended design and sold over nine million copies. The game also let players unlock a large selection of Spidey suits, including the classic suit he wore during his original comic appearance to the costume from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. Fans who want the Spider-Man: Homecoming suit are in luck since the game features both of Peter’s costumes from the 2017 film.

Spider-Man Homecoming Stark Suit

spider man stark suit PS4

The first unlockable outfit is the Stark Suit, which Tony Stark gifts Peter in Captain America: Civil War. The Stark Suit becomes available at Level 9 and players will need a base token, research token and, three crime tokens to get it. In addition to this Spider-Man: Homecoming suit just looking cool, it also comes with the Spider-Bro. This drone electrocutes nearby enemies during combat and is easily one of the most useful gadgets in the game.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Homemade Suit

The other Spider-Man: Homecoming suit is the Homemade Suit. This simple costume is the one Peter was wearing before Civil War and is forced to don it again in the finale of Homecoming after the Stark Suit is taken away. This outfit doesn’t come with any special abilities but it makes up for that with pure charm. Players have to find all the hidden backpacks throughout the city in Spider-Man PS4 to get this suit. This may sound daunting since there are 55 backpacks in total, but once the radio towers are activated all players need to do is consult the map to find them all.

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