Best Overwatch Fan Forums

It’s a game with one of the largest fan communities around, so here are some of the best Overwatch fan forums. Overwatch is a colorful, fast-paced multiplayer shooter from Blizzard Entertainment (World Of Warcraft). The game is set in the wartorn future where a diverse band of heroes are banded together for a task force called Overwatch.

Befitting Blizzard’s attention to lore in their games, every character in Overwatch comes with an in-depth backstory to flesh them out, from slick gunslinger McCree, sniper Widowmaker to brand new combat medic character Bastiste. The large selection of heroes allows for a number of different playstyles too. Overwatch has proven to be another hugely successful franchise for Blizzard, having earned over $1 billion in its first year of release and still going strong. Graphic novels, toys, and other assorted merch have also been created.

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Given the success of the game, it’s no surprise Overwatch has amassed a large following among players. There are a lot of places online for fans to hang out and obsess over the game together, so here are some of the top Overwatch forums on the web.

Tracer's Slipstream outfit featured in Overwatch

Official Overwatch Forums

Naturally, the first stop for Overwatch fans should be the game’s official forum. Fans can discuss just about any topic they like, from characters and story to those looking for players to enjoy the game with. Technical issues, bugs and gameplay feedback can also be reported directly to the developers.

Overwatch Subreddit

With over 2 millions subscribers, there’s every possible variety of conversation on the Overwatch subreddit. This is a community where players can share tips and tricks, nerd out on the story and even the makers of Overwatch chime in on the subreddit from time to time while looking over what fans are discussing.

Blizzard Watch

Of course, Blizzard Entertainment has lots of other popular franchises like Diablo or World Of Warcraft, and Blizzard Watch is a site where fans can discuss them all. In addition to lots of great, expert articles about all things Overwatch, it’s also got one of the friendliest fan communities dedicated to the game. The moderators also do a great job making sure the conversations are kept on track.


For those players looking to track their progress in Overwatch, Overbuff is the place to do it. This site keeps track of player rankings, combat stats, medals and much more, in addition to updates about the game itself. Overbuff is one of the most useful Overwatch forums around.

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