Fan-Created Indiana Jones Radio Drama Sounds Like The Sequel Fans Need

A fan-created Indiana Jones radio drama sounds like the sequel that fans need. Since its early beginnings as the brainchild of George Lucas, the Indiana Jones character has gone on to become synonymous with adventure and Harrison Ford, who’s played the globetrotting archaeologist in four films, with a fifth on the way.

Beginning with Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981, Steven Spielberg helped to build the mythology around Indiana Jones, with each successive film along the way arguably further solidifying the character as one of the most popular heroes in cinematic history. Though some might argue that the franchise peaked with 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, diehard fans stuck by the series, embracing 2008’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull despite it being derided by other fans who felt that it was by far the weakest of the four films to date. With the announcement that a fifth Indiana Jones film is on its way, that same divisiveness among fans kicked off again, as the world waits to see how an aged Ford will serve the high-octane role.

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For some fans, however, the idea of Indiana Jones goes beyond cinema. A new press release from the fan run IndyCast has revealed the creation of an original radio adventure called Indiana Jones and the Bridge to Yesterday, which will air on the IndyCast podcast starting April 5, 2019. Five years in the making, the radio drama was put together by a devoted and talented group of Indy fans. The plot of the new adventure takes place after the events of The Last Crusade, and before those of The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

In the immediate aftermath of the second World War, Indiana Jones returns home from his time with the OSS, now weary of his daredevil past. But just when he contemplates hanging up his hat for good, an old nemesis re-emerges with a plot to not only destroy the world’s newly established peace, but also erase the last thirty years of history. In order to stop him, Indy must journey into the heart of the legendary Devil’s Triangle where he will decide to either wipe out the sins of the world, along with his own mistakes, or renew his journey and remember the adventure!

The new project was born out of a curiosity about Indiana Jones’ days in the O.S.S., the USA’s precursor to the CIA during the Second World War. The organization was referenced in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and it was something that the new radio program’s executive producer Keith Voss was eager to explore. With this and the time period in mind, Voss decided that the real-life mystery of the Bermuda Triangle was a perfect adventure for Indy to take on. The iconic role of Indiana Jones is voiced by Raiders Radio Productions head Alex Levitsky, who clinched the role thanks to his ability to stay true to the character and channel a little Harrison Ford in the process.

With millions of fans around the world, its safe to say that the character of Indiana Jones has made an indelible impact on pop culture over the years. There will always be fans who feel that the franchise has gotten away from its roots, and now only exists to pump cash into the pockets of Spielberg, Lucas and Ford, but for those who love the lore of Indiana Jones and all that entails, Indiana Jones and the Bridge to Yesterday might be just the answer.

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