All Prey Endings (& How To Get Them)

Prey is one of the most unique first-person shooters of recent years and featured a twisty story that was full of surprises – here’s how to see all the Prey endings. Prey has had something of a knotted history as a franchise, beginning with the original game in 2006. Development on that title began in 1995 and went through several revisions over the following decade. Thankfully, the final game was considered a creative, fun shooter and work soon began on Prey 2.

An impressive trailer got fans excited for Prey 2, which would have followed a new lead character who acted as a bounty hunter on an alien world. Unfortunately, Prey 2 would eventually be canceled by Bethesda. Arkane Studios, the developers behind Dishonored then set to work on a reboot of Prey that would have little connection to the 2006 original or its scrapped sequel. The new Prey was released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and followed a character named Morgan Yu who has to navigate a space station overrun by aliens called the Typhon.

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Prey would prove to be one of the best shooters of 2017 due to its blend of action, horror, stealth and RPG elements. The game also received mostly positive reviews, though some criticized the combat system and difficulty. Prey also has a number of different endings, dependent on the player’s actions throughout. Here’s a guide to all of the Prey endings.

Prey fighting Typhon

A Mind Without Limits Ending

There are really three overall endings to Prey, which involve escaping the Talos 1 space station, choosing to blow it up or saving it. A Mind Without Limits involves saving it and all the research it holds, with Morgan’s brother Alex giving players a blueprint for a Nullwave transmitter that will destroy the Typhon.

After the device is built Morgan returns to the Talos 1 bridge and has to destroy the operator January in order to activate the transmitter. A Mind Without Limits would be considered the “good” ending of Prey, but there’s also an option to kill Alex during this playthrough which alters the final scene.

Perdition Ending

This Prey ending involves the classic option of blowing up the Talos 1 and all the research into the Typhon it holds. Morgan has to side with January for this one and players need to find two arming keys, with one being taken from Alex. The game gives the option of either saving him or leaving him to die.

Once the Talos 1’s self-destruct is activated, Morgan has 8 minutes to flee. Players can choose to sacrifice themselves and stay onboard, escape using Alex’s pod or leave with other survivors the player has saved throughout the campaign in the Shuttle Bay.

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Abandon Ship Ending

Of all the Prey endings this would be considered the worst, since its just the lamest one. Instead of going through the drama above, Morgan can simply evacuate in Alex’s pod. The survivors left on Talos 1 will die and the game ends abruptly.

The final scene of Prey ends with a shocking twist that reframes the story, and the various choices and objectives players completed – or failed to complete – throughout will figure into this ending too. Each of the endings above offers additional choices that will alter the ending somewhat.

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