Samsung Galaxy S10 Selfie Camera Offers Cropped View in Third Party Apps

Samsung Galaxy S10 Selfie Camera Offers Cropped View in Third Party Apps

Samsung Galaxy S10 series have been in the news for the hardware they offer and the new hole-punch display. Samsung opted for the hole-punch display in order to go for a bigger display without a notch. The Galaxy S10e and the Galaxy S10 have a single camera setup while the Galaxy S10+ has a bigger hole-punch design for the dual camera selfie setup. Samsung has used the same 10-megapixel selfie shooter on all three smartphones so you will be getting a similar output.

A few Samsung Galaxy S10 users have started facing issues when using the selfie camera in third-party apps and have reported on the Samsung Community forum which was first spotted by Android Police. Users have reported that the Galaxy S10’s selfie camera view is zoomed in compared to the field of view the camera offers in the camera app.

SamsungGalaxy S10 Cropped Issue Samsung Galaxy S10 Cropped IssueLeft: Stock Camera App; Right: Instagram

It seems that Samsung has made the default selfie mode zoomed in which is ideal for clicking portraits. This doesn’t offer the full field of view and severely limits framing options when clicking using third-party apps. We were able to verify the issue independently.

So if you are using apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Discord to click selfies directly then you will encounter this issue. Since these apps get a cropped view instead of the full field of view it isn’t convenient to shoot. Also, there is no way to “zoom out” to the full field of view.

As of now, it isn’t clear if this is an issue on Samsung’s end or if developers of these third-party apps need to fix it. So if you have a phone from the Galaxy S10 lineup, it is best to click a selfie and upload it to these apps while waiting for a fix for this issue.

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