Spotify Premium Duo Subscription Being Tested With ‘Duo Mix’ Playlist; Initially Limited to 5 Markets

Spotify Premium Duo Subscription Being Tested With ‘Duo Mix’ Playlist; Initially Limited to 5 Markets

Spotify is testing a Premium Duo subscription model that allows two Premium accounts at a discounted price of EUR 12.49 (roughly Rs. 970) a month. The new plan, which sits alongside Spotify’s Premium for Family model, comes with a new playlist called ‘Duo Mix’ that is touted to receive regular updates based on the listening habits of couples. Similar to the case of the Family subscription, users need to live at the same address to opt for the Premium Duo plan. It is notably limited to select markets globally, and the list doesn’t include India.

With the Premium Duo, Spotify is essentially making it easier — and, of course, more affordable — for couples to have two separate Premium accounts. Existing customers with the Spotify Premium subscription can also seamlessly move to the Premium Duo model — without leaving their saved music, playlists, and recommendations.

Since each person under the Premium Duo subscription has their own Premium account, they don’t need to share or use the other one’s login details. Also, Spotify has provided the option to add someone alongside an existing Premium account under the new subscription model. The other person, however, must share the same address.

Spotify will notably ask users to provide their address for the Premium Duo plan during the sign-up process only. This is unlike the Family subscription in which the members need to provide their home addresses upon signing up for the subscription.

The EUR 12.49 monthly subscription charge will be paid by the user who purchases the Premium Duo as a single bill. This means you can easily pick it as an option to pay the Spotify Premium subscription of your spouse, sibling, parent, or partner.

As the cherry on the cake, Spotify’s Premium Duo comes with a Duo Mix playlist that considers not just your listening habits but also of your partner to offer an auto-generated list of songs.

The overall model of the Premium Duo looks similar to the Family plan. But nevertheless, it doesn’t allow you to add as many as six members like the Family subscription. It also falls between Premium subscription for single users that costs EUR 9.99 a month in Europe (Rs. 119 in India) and Spotify Premium for Family that costs EUR 14.99 (not yet available in India).

Spotify confirmed to Gadgets 360 that Premium Duo testing is initially limited to five markets, namely Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland. There aren’t any details about how and when this list will be expanded. The existence of the new subscription model was first spotted by a Reddit user.

To recall, Spotify late last month entered India after much anticipation. The music streaming service starts at as little as Rs. 13 for one day and can cost as much as Rs. 1,189 per year. As we mentioned Spotify doesn’t offer its family subscription to Indian users, though.

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