Exclusive: Max Dunbar's art process for cyberpunk adventure comic Stone Star

Exclusive: Max Dunbar's art process for cyberpunk adventure comic Stone Star

The Dungeons & Dragons creative team of Jim Zub (Avengers: No Road Home) and Max Dunbar (Gears of War: Rise of RAAM, Champions) have crafted another winner in Stone Star, a newly announced five-issue, sci-fi cyberpunk adventure series for comiXology’s exclusive Originals imprint.

Like the circus or a traveling rock band, Stone Star is a mobile asteroid that sets up camp from planet to planet, and is a massive entertainment complex. Gladiators clash to find fortune and fame but as the new season begins, there’s a new competitor drawn in. A teenage thief named Dail finds his way to the arena and must decide if this is a lifestyle he can embrace and trust and whether he’s willing to sacrifice the life he knows.

Stone Star is a wild mix of everything that ignited my imagination growing up – strange creatures with a fantasy flare, weird worlds, and unexpected danger,” Zub said. “Max is channeling that excitement and unleashing it on every page with a level of kinetic action and detail that readers have never seen from him before.”

Stone Star is a project six years in the making, and the timing was right when comiXology Originals Head of Content Chip Mosher approached Zub for ideas to submit to Originals.

“It’s exciting to surprise fans with a new series no one knew was coming,” said Mosher. “We love Stone Star – Zub and Dunbar have really delivered the goods and we know that new and existing comic fans will enjoy the heck out of this rollicking sci-fi adventure. And with digital distribution we can surprise and delight readers everywhere with new content they didn’t know was coming. It’s a blast!”

The exciting thing about Stone Star #1 is that it’s already available right now as a free download for users of Amazon Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited and comiXology Unlimited. For those who are not members of those services, it is also available for $2.99 through comiXology and Kindle. A collected version will be available through Amazon’s Print-on-Demand’s service later in the year.  

And as a bonus treat, SYFY WIRE has an exclusive reveal of nine pages of Max Dunbar’s art process as he was developing some of the main characters’ looks along with his commentary. Let us know what you think and if you plan on checking the series out. 


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