Captain Marvel Explains Why Carol Can Beat Thanos

Warning: potential SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame

By the time Thanos turned half the Marvel Universe to dust in Infinity War, fans knew that Nick Fury would call Captain Marvel for help. And now that Carol Danvers has officially joined the MCU, we know exactly why she’s the only hero who can defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

We’re not just spinning another Avengers: Endgame theory either, since the Captain Marvel movie explains exactly what makes Carol so unique a superhero compared to the rest of the Avengers. The changes to Captain Marvel’s origin story may seem small, or even acceptably modified to fit into the movie universe and its Infinity Stone fiction. But make no mistake: the version of Captain Marvel joining the Avengers is fundamentally different from her comic book version, in one major way. And that change puts the weapon capable of beating Thanos into her hands–literally.

Captain Marvel’s MCU Origin Makes a Change

It would be tempting to dismiss the unique elements of Carol’s new origin story. On the one hand, it does what MCU films have done so well in the past, keeping the broad strokes of the character’s origin story and powers intact when adapting to film, but doing their best to anchor these events to Infinity Stones. That ‘MacGuffin’ approach has worked so far, and the result is a vast group of characters who are literally connected by their proximity to these cosmic gems. All that being said, Captain Marvel has done something different. Instead of it being a mission to defend an Infinity Stone from villains that forges Carol into a superhero, it is the Infinity Stone itself that triggers her rebirth.

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Technically it’s the experimental, lightspeed drive created by Mar-Vell in her human scientist persona that transforms Carol. As ‘Dr. Wendy Lawson,’ Mar-Vell spent years, possibly decades trying to unlock the powers within the Tesseract. Or, if not unlock them, then learn how to channel the cosmic energy inside of it into a form she could test, refine, and eventually manipulate into her lightspeed engine designs. When the engine exploded, all of that cosmic potential went flying directly into Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel's Origin

No longer just an alien soldier, or even a human instilled with alien strengths and powers, the Captain Marvel of the MCU is now born of the Infinity Stone (thanks to Mar-Vell’s engine making it all possible). Because Carol’s physical form has been augmented by the power of the Space Stone, she has the ability to destroy not only Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet, but possibly even the Infinity Stone itself.

And while some will say that connecting those dots is nothing but a theory, we would offer a reminder that the MCU has shown Thanos’ vulnerability to this kind of Infinity Stone power already. Even if nobody was talking about it once Thanos won the Infinity War…

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